How to Choose Cosmetic Packaging for Your Business

The cosmetics industry is worth more than $530 billion this year alone.

In the world of cosmetics, it's all about the finished look. In the case of your cosmetic box, it's about your packaging. Part of what people look forward to whenever they're receiving new makeup is the package it comes in.

You'll want to check out our how-to guide to ensure that your makeup box puts your competition on notice that your cosmetic packaging is the packaging to beat. Get ready to serve up some serious face!

Prime Your Base

Much like any fabulous makeup tutorial, the first thing you need to do is prime your base or gather as much information about your target audience as possible. Doing this will give your business a deeper understanding of who you're serving and what they expect from the cosmetic companies they buy makeup from.

The first thing you need to do is define your ideal buyer. Is it the teenager who's still into glitter and princess shows? Or is it the sophisticated workwoman looking to take the office by storm?

Is it the man who wants to be bold and stand out? Once you've answered these questions, you can then use them to develop your brand's personality. 

Your brand's personality is crucial because it will be conveyed in the packaging as you move forward. Think about it, is your personality light and frilly, or do you have an edge that needs to be portrayed in your packaging.

Sometimes it's easy to create a visual of everything that defines your brand and develop packaging ideas through it. It's also helpful to think about how your ideal customers purchase their cosmetics boxes and differs from a requirement for other goods like clothes or shoes.

Are you generating more sales in-store or online? Are you selling to wholesalers or directly to customers? Depending on the where and who will help your company get one step closer to deciding on the proper packaging for your cosmetics brand.

Follow the Inspiration

There are hundreds of thousands of beauty influencers from Chiara Ferragni to Bretman Rock, and one thing they all have in common is their love for cosmetics. Whenever you watch their videos on YouTube, they display the various products they use to create their sickening looks while putting the cosmetics packaging front and center for all to see.

The point is to let the packaging you see inspire the design you decide on for your business. We recommend finding others in your niche and checking out the packaging design they use and designs they've used in the past.

There's never anything wrong with allowing another cosmetics package to serve as your muse as you decide on the best packaging for your brand. One thing to remember as you create your design is always choosing something that's current.

If it's not current, you might not receive the reaction from your customers that you were hoping for, which can directly impact the sale of your cosmetic boxes in the future. Some of the most common cosmetics packaging includes:

  • Customized packaging fonts
  • Bold graphic patterns
  • Soft pastel colors

Most brands find that using a custom font for their business helps them stand out from others. Choosing the right font can take your business name and packaging to the next level without overpowering the entire design.

Another trend is the bold graphic paired with subtle packaging colors. Depending on the design you choose, you've got to take a step back and ensure it's not too busty, or else you lose the point of the packaging entirely.

More Trends to Consider

One day it's in, the next day, it's out, and the same thing goes for cosmetic packaging. If your cosmetics brand is about making girls feel girly and comfortable in their skin, you might consider selecting a floral pattern.

It plays up that girly factor and makes people that buy the box want to open it and check out the goodies you've placed inside. However, if you're a brand that wants the products to speak for themselves, you could consider going the minimalist route.

If this is the route you choose to go with in terms of choosing your packaging, ensure the font you use is powerful. It is the main focus of the packaging and matters because, in most cases, it will be the only branding on the products and the box they're packaged in.

Dump Your Ideas

After you've done the research above, take some time to get all the potential packaging ideas for your business out on paper or on a board for everyone to see. It might help if you create a vision board so the entire team can get a better idea of the potential packaging paths the brand will travel down.

After you've dumped the ideas, take some time to truly decide which one will work the best for your company because it's essential as you move to the next step in the packaging process.

Let's Talk Style

You've defined your company's personality; now it's time to think about its style. Your brand's personality is the mood you're going for when choosing packaging.

What's your vibe? 

This will be the most essential and crucial part of the custom packaging journey because once you define the style you want to achieve, everything else should come together and fall into place. When you decide on the style for your makeup brand, it makes it easier to determine what other features are associated with that style.

Another reason defining the company's style is essential is that you need to relay the message to the business you've hired to create your product packaging for you. They can take the style you've decided on and give you some ideas about what might work the best for your brand.

Color Pop

It's also time to address the beauty blender in the room, and that's the colors for your packaging. The colors you choose should grab customers' attention and help your products stand out from your competitions.

It should also match the style and personality of your business. When choosing the colors for your packaging, think of it as creating the more premier eyeshadow palette of all time because these colors can be what makes your cosmetics brand a must-have.

From the Inside Out

It's time to choose the packaging you're going to use for your products because the outside is just as important as the inside and vice versa. The inner packaging of your products is the physical bottle you're going to place the cosmetics in. 

There are several types of product packages associated with the cosmetics industry, including:

  • Droppers
  • Tubes
  • Sprayers
  • Pumps
  • Jars

Before you choose the packaging for your products, you need to think about the type of product your brand is selling. For example, if you sell lipglosses and lipsticks, you don't want to choose a pump bottle to distribute it in.

The package should always make it easy for customers to use. With that said, it's time to focus on the outer packaging. The packaging you choose should keep the products inside safe from being damaged, but it shouldn't be hard for customers to get into.

What shape do you want the boxes to come in? How do you want the boxes to be closed? 

Choose Your Package Designer

You've done quite a bit of work to choose the best packaging for your brand; now it's time to find a designer that can bring your vision to life. We understand you might be tempted to design your packaging on your own in an attempt to save money, but this isn't always the best idea.

Especially if you don't have a background in package design, it can cause more frustration than you'd like it to. Doing it yourself might not have the same impact as if you hired a company to do it for you.

The benefit to having a designer create your packaging for you is they are specialists in this field. They have a keen eye for what looks good and what doesn't.

With this information, they can help you finalize your design, take an idea, and make it a reality. Not to mention it's going to save more time and money if you go this route versus the trial and error that comes with doing things on your own.

Cosmetic Box Packaging: Prime, Blend, & Set

Choosing cosmetic box packaging might seem overwhelming, but we've made it easy with this how-to guide. First, define your ideal customer and think about your brand style and find the right designer.

Speaking of speaking specialists, are you still looking for one to help create your cosmetics brand packaging? Contact Plastiform Precision Formed Plastics and let us show you what your packaging could be!

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