How to Earn More as a Scrum Master

Wondering what if you're underpaid? Does scrum master pull in close to six figures?

It's no surprise that doctors, lawyers, and financial planners make big bucks but does a scrum master also pull it even?

This role entails leading daily meetings where developers give updates on what they're working on, which helps a tech team operate more efficiently. A scrum master leads and oversees the team to ensure success and maximum efficiency.

According to the new survey by the job sites, the average pay for a scrum master is $99,492 in the United States. Better products, quicker launch to market, delighted customers, and happier staff are all benefits of having Scrum Masters on board. 

So, as a Scrum Master, you may expect a long and prosperous career. 

What is a Scrum Master?

Scrum is a popular agile methodology for product development. It's built on teams completing a predetermined amount of work in short bursts — known as sprints. They may produce iterations as they learn more about a product and its stakeholders.

A scrum master has a very small scope, but a very broad effect throughout any business. You work behind the scenes and are not involved in product development or strategy.

As a scrum master, you are responsible to lead the team through the Scrum process. You will have to assist the team master the framework and developing from one sprint to the next by facilitating the process.

So, you must combine soft skills with the newest tools and approaches, since agile processes are dependent on people and teamwork. 

Tips to Earn More as a Scrum Master

Scrum mastery isn’t an easy role. Here are some useful tips to help you earn more as a scrum master:

  1. Develop scrum master leadership skills to focus on the growth and well-being of your team members. With a good record of every team member's performance, you are likely you get paid higher to lead them well.

  1. Complete one project at a time. Handling multiple projects can ruin your performance graph. To give your full 100% and to make sure the project is successful, it would be better to handle one project at a time.

  1. Change with the world accordingly. As a scrum master, your responsibility is to make sure you and your team evolve. Learning and improving your skills and knowledge will upgrade you to senior level and will also offer you good pay. 

  1. A successful scrum master is one who has clear and fluent communication skills. Make sure you fluently express yourself and leave no room for confusion. In case you, make sure that you resolve the confusions to avoid any miscommunication or delays because of it.

  1. Take the responsibility for your team’s work. As a scrum master, you are responsible for the entire team. You’re the one coaching them through all the Agile practices. So, it remains your responsibility to see if they are following rules and principles.

Key Points 

As a scrum master, you have a lot of alternatives. You have the ability to propel success and contribute to the boosting your company value. You are the one to help the firm with enhancing the team's productivity and adjusting to changing market conditions that are in high demand.

Here are a few key takeaways from the brief guide about how to earn more like a scrum master:

  • Improve your communication skills for smooth discussion of ideas and plan with the team

  • Master leadership skills to coach agile practices for team development

  • Be flexible to adopt the changes and shift your game plan accordingly to ensure consistency 

  • Make the scrum ceremonies engaging

  • Try looking for answers outside of your team

  • Develop a healthy relationship with the product owner

  • Don’t become the go-to impediment solver rather engage with your team's individuals

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