How to find a student job?

Many are the students who leave each year in search of a job that allows them to earn money and study at the same time. This is important for financing their studies and covering certain daily expenses. But in reality, it is sometimes difficult for these young people to find a job that suits them in every way. How to go about finding a good student job? Here are some tips that will be useful if you are a student and are looking for the ideal job.

Create and enrich your CV

The CV is a central part of your application that you will send to many companies. It must therefore be very neat. Make sure your content is clear and faultless.

If you already have experience in the field in which you are going to apply, do not hesitate to mention it on your student resume. A recruiter could favor the student who is already knowledgeable and to whom he will not have to learn the basics of the trade. However, if you are looking for a student job without experience, be aware that motivation is also a criterion taken into account by recruiters. Even if you do not have professional experience, it is imperative to consider that this can weigh in the balance. If you are not familiar with it, ask a third person who knows the layout to give an attractive form to your CV. The objective here is to catch the eye of the recruiter in order to increase your chances of being called back.

Personalize your cover letter

Candidates for student jobs often make the mistake of sending the same cover letter to all the companies to which they apply. Some even send a letter taken from the Internet and quickly modified. Know right away that it is noticeable at first glance. So take the time to personalize your letters, depending on the type of company and the mission.

In terms of the reasons, you cite in your letter, be honest because companies know that most students do not take a job alongside their studies for fun. Without expressly saying that you come just for the salary, explain for example that it is to finance your studies.

Go to business

To apply for a student job, nothing better than going to meet companies. Indeed, for some companies, not all, the emails received by recruiters are skimmed over or land in the spam category. It is better to deliver your application file by hand. This will echo your motivation and your involvement in the job. You can also take advantage of events during which companies identify talent and recruit.

Consider the interim

The interim option allows you to save considerable time. If you have your first meeting in an agency, it is important to establish with an agent during this meeting, your availability, and your job desires. Once you are part of the agency's database, you can estimate that you have half won the mission. You will then just have to wait for someone to call you for a specific mission that you are not obliged to accept, of course.

Be careful not to refuse everything that the agency offers you at the risk of not receiving any more calls.

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