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Invest in a Telegram Advertising Tool:

Telegram has become a great marketing tool to invest in. It has over 400 million users as of April 2020, and an estimated 1.5 million users download and sign up on the app daily. The growing number of users is an added advantage for marketers as they enjoy access to these users. 

Telegram marketing has become a popular platform for marketers to inform their audience. You can create a public or private channel and invite all your customers to join. Optionally, you can use a tool. A common tool to advertise on Telegram is Many benefits are associated with using as a marketing tool on Telegram.

Benefits of Using as a Marketing Tool on Telegram is a platform channel/bot owners and advertisers can use to advertise on Telegram. An advertiser submits their ad on and then places it on a bot or channel on Telegram. It's a cheap and easy way to advertise on Telegram. Some benefits associated with using as a marketing tool include the following: is effective and reliable as a Telegram ads platform. It has filters designed to promote your project. It also has over 2,500 channels and 75,000 users and comes highly rated on review sites. It also offers packages that include discounts. allows marketers to grow their audiences with additional features that complete business processes such as balance invoicing and debit card withdrawals. sends real-time notifications on projects to advertisers. 

It allows advertisers to chat directly with bots and also writes sponsored posts. will enable advertisers to integrate these ads into their channel content and create templates. 

How to Advertise Using

  1. Sign up and register an account with Signing up is free and easy. This will give you access to bots and verified channels. Click the signup button on the right to sign up.

  2. When you’ve clicked the signup, a pop-up will open where you'll enter your mail. Click the Create Account button and enter all required information. A confirmation email will be sent; you must click to confirm it. 

  3. Select the bots and channels you want to advertise on. There are thousands of verified channels on the Telega.oi catalogue. Select the one that fits your requirements and budget. 

  4. Make a payment or top up your balance. Note that every bot or channel has a different price. Commonly, this will be a reflection of the size of the audience.

  5. Confirm your order for advertising. You can also add more channels if you want. You can see how many channels you have already added on the right.  

  6. Create your ads and send them to be reviewed. Enter the image and text for your ad. You can go for a custom style. The review will ensure it has been properly set up. 

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