How To Start Investing In Gold

A few decades ago, you may be sitting in a pond or stream, trying to swirl the water in the pan that you have. You are hoping to desperately see some glint of gold and dream that you'll strike it rich. Countries like the USA have come a very long way ever since. However, gold is still a prominent metal today and in the 1850s. 

If you consider investing in gold, then know that it's still valuable today. However, there are specific approaches, risks, and things that you need to know about this investment. It's important to start first in knowing why you should invest in bullion. You can read more about why you should buy precious metals on this site here.

The Gold's Value

The auriferous' malleability is known even in ancient times. This metal's luster is made into early coins and jewels. Also, it's hard to dig the gold out of the ground. The harder you have to do to obtain something, the more valuable it will be.

As time passes, many humans are using precious metals to trade them for their basic needs. Some are storing and accumulating wealth to be known as the wealthiest in their respective towns. Even paper currencies were known to be backed by precious metals. At one time, printed bills correspond to the amount of the ore held inside a vault where it could be exchanged technically.

The approach that paper money is valuable since it is backed by metal as valuable as gold has been long adopted into the 20th century. However, today's currencies are slowly becoming fiat, and the link of gold bars into money has long disappeared. But many people still love the sparkle of this precious metal.

Why Is There a Huge Demand for Metals?

The jewelry industry can account for almost 50% of the demand for golden metals. The other 40% comes from direct physical investments used to create bars, coins, medals, and bullions. The bullions are bars with stamped amounts that state their purity. 

Some of the investors who are directly involved in this industry are banks, larger corporations, individuals, and exchange-traded funds where the metals are being purchased on behalf of another person. Many people view gold as a safe haven since if the fiat currencies suddenly become worthless, then this is something that the world will fall back on to continue trading. 

Many investors are using these reasons to push up the ingots' price when the financial markets turn into the volatile side. Since this excellent metal is a great conductor of electricity, it's also valuable in many industries, including heat shields, dentistry, technology, and more.

Where to Invest?


Perhaps, one of the best ways that you can get gold directly is to own it. A lot of people, think that the bars are held in a secure vault in Fort Knox. The truth is that the bullions can come in any form, and you can get started in acquiring them by visiting sites like and know more information about them. It would be best if you got certificates for purity and weight, and serial numbers are commonly attached to the bullions for security purposes.

While you may prefer the impressive glimpse of large gold bars, each one may weigh up to 400 troy ounces, and they can't be easily converted into cash. The illiquidity factor makes the bars a very costly asset to buy and sell. 

Many people consider that if they own approximately $200,000 worth of bars and decide to sell at least 5% of it, they can't precisely see a piece and sell smaller-sized bars. In comparison, the bullions consist of smaller-sized coins or bars that provide much liquidity to the owners.