Investing in gold with AurusDEFi


Did you know throughout history physical gold has been the ultimate form of wealth preservation but is not productive assets that investors are looking to invest in? 

At Aurus we marry the two. Our investment opportunity AurusDeFi (AWX) combines effective wealth preservation with wealth creation by making precious metals productive in a unique way. 

Just 12 million out of the fixed 30 million AWX tokens are still available to investors like you.

What is AWX and why invest in it?

AurusDeFi (AWX) entitles its holders to a share of all transactional revenues generated within the Aurus ecosystem, paid in precious metals: gold, silver, and platinum. The dividend is normally paid out in fiat currency. In the current context of inflationary economic times, the dividend doesn’t hold its value. With AWX, holders bank on the activity of the precious metal, which increases in times like these, in a way that holds monetary value making your investment effective.

Aurus is making precious metals easier and easier. Through CEXDirect you can now purchase AWX from almost anywhere in the world with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard) in a matter of seconds.

To celebrate, there are no exchange service fees for the first three months.

Want to know more about Aurus and AWX? Have a look at the Aurus pitch at the SmartMoneyMatch Fall Summit two weeks ago. 

Read more on our extensive update upcoming November, or contact us directly:

Jonathan Boyd 

Director Global Institutional Markets 


Mark Gesterkamp

Director Business Development


With kind regards,

Mark Gesterkamp 

Who is Aurus?

UK company Aurus is empowering the traditional precious metals industry with blockchain technology. Aurus offers a Tokenization-as-a-Service solution, enabling established precious metals businesses to mint and distribute their gold-, silver- and platinum-backed tokens. The convenience and ease of use lie in the use of blockchain, facilitating near-instantaneous transactions at fractions of cents. 

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