Managing Your Investments Through Your Phone: Our Top Tips

For many of us, our phones are for more than just communication. From taking stunning pictures to even working, there are many uses for modern smartphones, thanks to the myriad of apps and functions available.

Thanks to these functions, you can also reduce your admin when it comes to managing your investments. Gone are the days when you need to schlep all over town to speak to your broker in person or check the newspaper for the latest stock reports.

Today, you can do practically everything you need to manage your investments on your phone. If you want to start investing from your mobile and do it right, keep reading for some handy tips.

Find The Right Broker Apps

To make any investment, you need to find the right broker. Many major investment brokerages offer online apps to make it easy for you to invest online and quickly check how your assets are fairing. If your current broker doesn’t offer an app, then consider switching to a new provider that will make it easier for you to manage your investment wherever you are. When selecting a new broker app, you need to check the fees they charge and the restrictions they put in place. Once you’re happy with the right option, you can download it onto your phone and start making the most of it.

Get The Right E-Wallet

It’s not just investment apps you need; you also need to choose the right money management app for your cash and bank accounts too. Managing anything money-related on your phone means finding the right e-wallet. These easy-to-use apps can make it simple for you to manage your personal funds and quickly move cash for when you need to make an investment or cash out. Try to find an e-wallet that offers a wide range of features, like MiFinity. This innovative e-wallet allows you to send money abroad, manage all your accounts and securely move your cash around when you need it the most. With an e-wallet like this, you can quickly shift your money when you need to make a deal.

Make Sure You Have Enough Data And Memory

It’d be a major disaster if you ran out of data right as you were about to close on an important deal or sell your assets to avoid a price drop. One of the biggest benefits of investing on your smartphone is that you’re able to do it on the go, wherever you are, but that only works if you have enough data and phone memory. Without it, your phone will revert back to a communication device that can only really take calls and send texts. So, you should check your phone plan and storage options to ensure that you’re always prepared for when you want to invest wherever you are.

Improve Your Phone’s Security

Like a computer, your phone can be hacked by unscrupulous criminals looking to harvest your valuable data, and if you’re investing on it, then you need to be extra careful. While most smartphones come with security features built-in, you need to take additional precautions to protect your mobile. Learn about the top cybersecurity threats to your smartphone and make sure you do everything in your power to keep your data protected, so you can invest safely when you’re on the go. 

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