What Jobs Are in High Demand in the UK for 2022

Immigration solicitors can help you make the right choices when applying for a work visa to relocate to the UK, including ensuring that there are minimal delays throughout the process. There are some in-demand jobs in the UK this year and beyond. Finding the right solution for your needs takes time and research.


The impact of Brexit on work visas


When the UK left the European Union, it meant the end of free movement between the other EU Member States and the UK. Any EU citizens already living in the UK before January 1st, 2021, do not need to apply for a work visa, but since that date, any EU citizen must follow the same visa rules as non-EU nationals trying to live and work in the UK. What this has meant is that it is more difficult for UK companies to fill roles, and there are plenty of roles available to prospective migrant workers.


Is it difficult to get a job as an immigrant in the UK?

One of the reasons you should speak with expert immigration solicitors about gaining a work visa for the UK is that it isn’t quite as straightforward as it once was. The eligibility criteria for a work visa in the UK have changed since Brexit, with the government shifting away from lower-skilled migrant workers to a points system where highly skilled migrant workers are prioritised. The assistance of business immigration solicitors will help you to figure out exactly what types of jobs will gain access to a work visa and how.

It is possible for some people to gain a temporary visa to perform seasonal work – as we have seen with fruit pickers over the years. For any long-term work in the UK, there is a requirement for a higher level of education and training to be accepted on a work visa.

Benefits of immigration solicitors

Immigration solicitors understand the situation inside and out. There are only certain occupations that are listed on the Home Office website that are eligible for a Skilled Worker visa. For any entry visa application, there are often delays and frustration to contend with.

Your immigration solicitors can’t speed up the process at all, but they can help you to minimise disruption and smooth the process. Avoiding mistakes is the biggest part of this process, ensuring you don’t have to go back over past phases of an application to make corrections. This saves time down the line and prevents rejections based on technicalities. As legislation changes, your immigration lawyers will keep you informed and make the necessary adjustments.

Top in-demand jobs for migrant workers in the UK


The National Health Service (NHS) is not as strong as it once was. There is a real need for skilled workers to fill roles throughout many different areas of the health service in the UK. It is thought that there are over 100,000 vacancies and you could be entitled to apply for a UK Health and Care visa, fast-tracked, for the following occupations:

·          Public health managers and directors

·          Biological scientists and biochemists

·          Medical practitioners

·          Pharmacists

·          Psychologists

·          Physical scientists

·          Nurses

·          Midwives

·          Social workers

·          Paramedics

·          Laboratory technicians


The list goes on and on with these vacancies. Every corner of the NHS is crying out for skilled workers. The same can be said for scientists in general, with the Home Office particularly keen to attract scientists to the UK.


In a sector that is short of skilled labour, the following roles are just some engineering jobs that are in high demand:

·          Civil engineers

·          Production and process engineers

·          Electrical and electronics engineers

·          Design and development


Information Technology


IT continues to be important and will be well into the future. As technology advances at a fast pace, it is important to have the skilled workforce to innovate, design, develop, design systems, analyse IT, manage projects, and offer the highest levels of cybersecurity.


Independent artisans


One area you might be surprised to hear that the government is trying to attract migrant workers in is the artisan arena. We’ve seen the demise of the traditional big high-street brands in recent years. In its place, the government wishes to attract an economy of artisans, butchers, bakers, cake makers, furniture makers, fishmongers, and other skilled workers. It is believed that this level of craft and skill will help the economy to grow.


There are many different types of professional job roles that are in demand in the UK. The ending of freedom of movement for EU citizens has changed the landscape dramatically, but there is a process to apply for a work visa for people from all over the world. The UK has always been a beacon for people the world over, whether an investor and an entrepreneur wishing to establish a business here or a skilled migrant workers trying to start a new life. Whatever route you are taking to get to the UK, speak with specialist business immigration solicitors to ensure you have a full understanding of what is available to you and what your responsibilities are when applying for a work visa to live and work in the UK.

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