Why Kansas Is Renowned As A Leading City For Healthcare Companies

Kansas City is well-known for its arts and culture, as well as its delicious BBQ food that is a staple of any trip to the South. Of course, it’s also where Dorthory was transported from in the Wizard Of Oz, but the city has many other attractions to tempt visitors and residents alike.

In the corporate market, Kansas is renowned for being the home of some of the country’s biggest healthcare companies. Several of the biggest companies to work for in Kansas are in the healthcare industry, ranging from not-for-profits to health-tech providers and everything in between.

Healthcare companies love Kansas city for many reasons, ranging from its great workforce to its stunning amenities. Keep reading, and we’ll explore a selection of some of the main reasons why Kansas is so popular among healthcare service providers. 

The Close Healthcare Network

As mentioned above, many existing healthcare companies already have bases in Kansas. As such, new healthcare companies starting up in the area, or opening a new branch in the city, will have a strong support network. While they might seem like competition, being around so many other businesses in the same sector means access to more talent and the opportunity to network with other experts in the market. Also, businesses in the healthcare market in areas of high concentration of other healthcare businesses will find existing infrastructure and other solutions to help them.

Great Local Service Providers

Businesses in the healthcare market need support with everything from HR to IT. Finding the right service providers can be difficult in smaller cities that aren’t designed to play host to many large companies, particularly those in a tech-focused, fast-paced market like healthcare. Fortunately, Kansas City has many great service providers with extensive experience supporting companies across the region and throughout the healthcare landscape. So, healthcare companies can find the support they need, whether they’re looking for managed IT Services in Kansas City, MS, or HR services.

Access To Experienced Healthcare Talent

With so many other healthcare companies spread across Kansas, there are also many employees in the area with exceptional skills in this area. That means that healthcare companies setting up shops in the city will have access to employees who have the skills they need. Also, many employees from across the USA who want to enter the healthcare market will consider relocating to Kansas, so companies have access to the best talent pool in the country. A business is only as good as its staff, and that’s particularly true for businesses that need qualified employees. As such, having access to so many experienced employees is a major bonus for healthcare companies.

A Strong Agricultural Industry

As well as the healthcare industry, Kansas is also renowned as a leader in agriculture, particularly for growing wheat, corn, and grain sorghum. Farmers also raise a lot of cows in Kansas for beef. As nutrition is closely linked with health, companies in these markets are closely linked, particularly complementary medicine providers and pharmaceutical developers. As a result, a strong agricultural industry can benefit healthcare providers, as they will have access to an even wider network and be able to get access to the latest developments in this linked industry first. Company leaders can network across these markets and learn new insights that could drive their healthcare businesses to further success.

Consultancy Opportunities

When businesses in the healthcare market need support from other industries, particularly linked ones like agriculture or sub-sectors of healthcare such as health tech, pharmaceuticals, and others, they won’t have to go far to find consultants in these markets. Kansas has a strong workforce of experts in these markets and others, so there are many experts who can work as consultants for companies in the healthcare market. That means that healthcare companies can quickly get new projects off the ground without having to search high and low for expert consultants and advisors. Businesses in the healthcare market could also find that they have the opportunity to act as a consultant to other local companies across Kansas City, so there are many chances for growth in this healthcare-focused city.

The Benefits Of Kansas City For Healthcare Companies: A Summary

The healthcare market is a fast-paced landscape that can be challenging to break into. One major consideration companies need to take into account is where they’re based, as this can affect everything from their access to new staff to their ability to get work and more. Thanks to the many benefits listed in this article and more, healthcare businesses looking for a new base or for the perfect place to set up their organization should definitely consider Kansas City. This vibrant and exciting city is a great place for organizations across the landscape, ranging from health-tech providers to insurers, pharmaceutical research companies, and regulatory bodies. Relocating there or starting a business in Kansas could be the ideal way for healthcare companies to flourish over the coming years. 

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