Know These Steps to Check Your Pension Online in No Time

Failing to check the pension contribution can result in several troubles when a payment error occurs. So, you must check it regularly around the usual date of its credit. The easiest method to check pension is through online modes. These are convenient and very straightforward.

If you are a pensioner or have a pensioner in the family, you must always remain alert about the payment status and amount. Here you will get to know how to check pension online, what is PPO, what is IRA, and other information of the same kind. This information will help you remain updated about the status and save you from the trouble of raising a delayed complaint with the pension department.

What Is PPO Number in Pension?

PPO or Pension Payment Order is a unique alphanumeric ID every pensioner gets. The Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO) issues it to every pensioner eligible for a pension through different pension schemes. It has 12 characters, the first 5 are alphabets denoting the issuing authority, and the remaining 8 are numbers the unique number for the pensioner.


How To Check Pension Online with PPO Number?

It is easy to find out the pension payment with the help of a PPO number. Because checking pension through a PPO number, does not require logging into accounts or OTP verifications. The user only needs to input the number and a few simple personal details to get a detailed report of the pension payment history. Given below are the steps to check pension online with a PPO number.

Visit the EPFO Official Website.

Hover over Services in the menu bar.

Select For Employees.

At the bottom of the newly opened page, click on Pensioner’s Portal under the Services section.

On the left side of the page, in the newly opened window, click on PPO Enquiry/Payment enquiry.

Select the corresponding office under the Issued Office dropdown menu.

The Office ID column will display the code of the issued office, which is also the first five alphabet in the PPO number.

Enter the remaining eight digits in the PPO No. column.

Enter the Pensioner’s Date of Birth.

Enter the captcha verification code.

Click on Submit.

After clicking on submit, the page will display a table within a pop-up menu. It shows all the pension payment details, including amount, credit month & year, account holder, and PPO number. It is downloadable as a .pdf file for taxation and pension-related purposes.

How To Check Pension Online Through Other Modes?

Apart from those mentioned above, there are other methods to check pension through the PPO. They require extra time or have limited information, but people prefer them when the needed information is available through them. Given below are four major methods of checking pension.

EPFO Account

EPFO provides an account to employed people to manage and see their pension contributions. They also provide retired people to see their pension fund accumulated at retirement. To use the EPFO account, you will require registering yourself using the UAN number, mobile number, PAN card, Aadhaar card, Bank Account Information, and other details.

You cannot access the EPFO account unless you register and submit your necessary documents. This document verification is also necessary to get the benefits of the remaining three methods.


You can get the information related to the last pension payment and the total amount in the pension fund through Short Code SMS Service. You will have to send the message “EPFOHO UAN” to 7738299899 from your EPFO registered mobile number. And the SMS service will reply with a text message with the necessary details.

Missed Call

You can also receive the same message as above through the missed call service. You can call on 011-22901406 from the registered mobile number, and the call will end automatically. And within a while, it will send you the message with the needed information.

Umang App

You can also manage and know the pension from the UMANG app, a multipurpose mobile application from the government. It has several services, and pension is one among them. So, you can check the payment amount and status through the app after registering yourself and going through the registration procedures.

What Is IRA, And Is It for Indian Pensioners?

IRA or Individual Retirement Account is a pension account meant only for US citizens and people working in the USA. So, Indian citizens working in India cannot invest in them, even if their employer is from the USA. It is much similar to the EPF in India in its features of auto-debit, government security, and employer management.

Now you must know how to check pension online, what is IRA, PPO number, and other related information. You should use this beneficial and easy method to remain alert about the transaction in the pension account. Knowing the pension credit will also help you withdraw money from your pension account for an emergency. And if you want detailed information or control over the entire pension handling, you can use your EPFO account.

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