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League of Legends: How to Make Money Playing This Game?

Do you like League of Legends (LoL)? Do you want to become a professional gamer and earn money from your hobby? You are free to take your chance. In fact, there are lots of opportunities to make a fortune playing the game, from live streaming to esports tournaments. Let’s see what you can do to make a profit.

Benefit from Resources

When tournaments are organized, viewers can wager on who they think will win the matches. Some ways you can earn money include gambling activities or account selling.

LOL eSports Betting

Viewers can wager on who will win the matches, both online or offline. Statistics show that the demand has increased with it. There are multiple ways you can bet on LoL. Most betting sites like https://cover.gg/ support this market.

Only Bet When You Know the Game

Esports betting is a great way to boost your viewing experience. You should stick to games that you are familiar with. If you know about LoL betting, that's what will make you money. You need to have sufficient competence to assess bets if you start betting on games that are familiar to you.

Selling LOL accounts

When your account has something of value, it can be sold at a good price. A new owner will then be able to sign in and start playing right immediately.

What makes your account especially valuable? Skins. If you have rare skins, your accounts become more attractive to potential buyers. Even though skins do not represent victories, there are many nice skins that gamers are eager to obtain.

Benefit from Your Skills

If you have the skill, you can make money by playing the game. You can either join the professional environment by joining a team or becoming a coach. There are many ways in which you can become a professional.

Join a Professional Team

The prize pool of esports tournaments is constantly growing. It often reaches millions of dollars. Professional gamers usually boost their earnings by promoting the game through sponsorships. Feel free to join one of the LoL teams and proceed with gameplay on huge tournaments.

Try Yourself as a Coach

Some people are ready to pay LoL experts for training sessions. You can be one of those who share your knowledge and skills with others and make money from it. Training always means giving a piece of advice, guidance, and suggestions. While this job doesn’t provide the best job stability, it is a wonderful way to make money with the game you like.

Benefit from Your Influence

Having a solid reach is crucial when you decide to either become a streamer or become a content creator. Here's how you can use that influence:

Ad Revenue

You can create a video channel for posting new material about League of Legends. Being one of the simplest ways to earn money, it also doesn’t take much time and effort to be established. Once you are done with work, you can generate a solid amount of income.

League of Legends-oriented content may include but not be limited to strategy guides, champion recommendations, practical suggestions, patch notes, and general game discussions. Once your channel becomes more recognizable, you can start integrating small apps there. It can be nice to earn little money for every single click made.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are people who have a direct impact on followers. You can be one of them by sharing your knowledge and skills with players who just start their gaming adventure. Brands get engaged in esports marketing, recognizing the value of influencers and the opportunity to reach a big and interested audience.

As an influencer, you may earn money by going partners with brands. You may become part of an advertisement campaign, sign a sponsorship with famous brands, etc.


Merchandise sales are another significant revenue source. You can start selling merchandise with your name or brand after positioning yourself as a great influencer on social media such as YouTube or Twitch. Many established content creators online, cooperate with brands or other content creators to establish their merchandise.

Make Money Playing LoL Online

Considering the popularity of LoL, enjoying financial benefits shouldn’t be a problem. The main point is to use your resources wisely. Think how and where you could get the biggest profit. Feel free the above-mentioned options.