How to Make Extra Money in Australia: Practical Advice

Passive income is an excellent way to relieve some pressure on your salary. The good news is that there are many ways to make extra money online and offline part-time. If you get a kick out of online gaming, Australia boasts some of the best online casinos that payout jaw-dropping cash prizes. But if gambling isn’t your thing, below are 16 side hustles you can make easy money as a beginner. You can even start your own business in some of them.

Sell Crafts on an Etsy Store

An Esty store is an excellent passive income maker if you have a craft. The platform will let you sign up, upload, and sell handmade items. From decorations, paintings, and gift cards to photos, your creativity will be handy in winning customers. Esty will manage your sales, cut a 5% fee, and channel the rest of the cash into your bank account.

Do Paid Survey Online

Australia has several reputable survey sites where you can make some extra money. The amount may be small, but it is worthwhile if you have spare time. Sometimes, the surveys reward redeemable points, which you can exchange for shopping gift vouchers. Companies you can land survey jobs include:

  • Swagbucks;

  • Octopus Group;

  • Opinion World Australia.

Take Part in Market Research and Focus Groups

Market research and focus groups are other breezy ways to make money online. Unlike surveys, the two take longer but pay well. You can earn from $50 to hundreds per interaction based on length and complexity. Some jobs are profession-based—ensure your profile is complete. Askable, Respondent, and Paid Focus Group are some focus groups where you can register an account.

Rent Your Car

The unused car in your garage collecting dust can generate passive income if you rent it out. Car Next Door allows Aussies to share their vehicles and enjoy full insurance coverage and 24/7 roadside help. But again, your car should be in perfect condition. It also needs to have clocked less than six years and 150,000kms. Your annual earnings can hit $2,000 or more if you toe the company’s guidelines.

Rent Out Your Caravan

Some holidaymakers want to hit the road in style but lack the means. That’s where you come in if you own a caravan. You can list it on companies like Camplify. It will rent it out to tourists and pay you a commission you can save for your next holiday.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog for your favorite topics is another lucrative way to make passive income online. Risks are low. You only need a domain and a hosting platform, but monetizing may take time to gain momentum. For hosting, you can choose managed hosting or dedicated hosting. Ensure you leverage digital marketing strategies to surge your earnings. You can also use sponsored posts to profit from clicks.

Be a Secret Shopper

Imagine being hired to shop for a company and give back your experience. Working as a secret shopper makes it easy to earn money and often keep the shopping. You can even take it up as your weekend job. Alternatively, check out for secret shoppers’ tasks on agencies like The Realise Group or Real Mystery Shopping. Assignments are often irregular but superb at earning you some extra cash.

Deliver Packages With Amazon Flex App

If you have no job, the Amazon Flex app has your back. You can use it to generate some passive income or weekly wage. A few things are worth noting if you are to join the program. First, you must be over 20 years old and own a fully licensed, four-door car. You will also undergo some background checks. Your pay rate will depend on the block of hours you work and a few other factors.

Rent Your Spare Space

You can still make high extra income by renting your spare parking space. For example, you can make up to $2000 a month by giving your free room to travelers through Airbnb. The best part is you can decide on days to house guests. Your income may even double during holidays. Other platforms where you can rent your space to tourists include YouCamp and Spacer.

Sell Your Old Stuff

If you consider disposing of your old items for free, wait a bit. Selling them off is one of the easiest ways to make money online. You can set ads for the items on many platforms, but Facebook Marketplace should be at the top of your preference. Gumtree is another excellent alternative for selling laptops and phones.

Become a Trainer

Digital services are by far less time-consuming passive income moneymakers for experts. So, if you are good at what you do, you can make hundreds of dollars working on the weekend or after your day job. You can even create video classes and share them with your students if you lack time to appear in live online classes.

Become an Airtasker

Airtasker has your back if you don’t have money to start your training platform, but still want to earn some extra cash. What matters is whether you can teach the world anything. After setting up your account on Airtasker, browse through the tasks you can handle and make an offer. The platform will pay you for cooking, cleaning, DIY tweaks, gardening, and other casual jobs via your bank account.

Become a Product Tester

Companies often pay for feedback from people and past customers. On the other hand, some agencies like Home Tester Club sign up testers for diverse types of products. You can earn extra money from a whole bunch of homeware and electronic websites, and you can test the best games for the iPad. Sometimes, you may get the product for free instead of cash.

Start a Pooch-Walking Business

Aussies are busy and often lack time to walk their pups. As a result, the demand for casual dog walkers keeps rising, offering you a chance to make passive income. You can post your gig on MadPaws and Gumtree if you are a professional. Expect to earn around $20 per hour as you also have time to exercise.


Earning a passive income from babysitting requires you to be good with kids. You can work a few hours daily for families on a casual, regular, or one-off basis. In most cases, your job will be to pick up the kids from school and sit with them at home while their parents are out. Check out sites like Sittr to sign up and download the app.

Work at the Movies, Stadiums, or Service station

You can look for a weekend job and make passive income if you fancy attending sports events or going to the movies. Many cinemas and stadiums often operate at full capacity and seek extra sets of hands for some tasks. You can even land a regular job if your customer service experience impresses the boss. Working at a service station may not be glamorous, but it can still help you make money.


Making money in Australia is easy if you know where to find a part-time job. Ensure you meet the set demands for the work you intend to sign up for if you want to beat the competition. If you opt to sell your product or services, it will be wise to save money for setting up a website. To be frugal, you can register on free platforms and enjoy myriad ways to make money.

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