Best Manufacturers of UL-Listed Dry Powder for Fire Extinguishers

Did you know fire extinguishers date back to 250 BC? Ctesibius of Alexandria invented the first pump fire extinguisher, while Captain George William Manby coined the pressurized version. They were simply copper vessels filled with gallons of potassium carbonate.

Fire extinguishers have come a long way. Today, there is an array of fire extinguishers, with the majority using dry powders to tackle different types of fire. We have prepared a list of some of the best manufacturers of UL-Listed dry powder for fire extinguishers to help you choose the ideal option.


Guangdong Macro Fire Technology Co. Ltd

Located in Guangdong province, Macro FireSupply Company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom class ABC powders and high-quality multi-purpose fire extinguishers in China. Its ABC dry chemicals are certified by SGS and UL listing according to ISO9001:2015. Since its humble beginnings in Zhaoqing city in Guangdong, Macro Fire has expanded its exportation network to over 20 countries.

The exports account for 90% of its overall sales revenue. It also has an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of dry chemicals and 2 million fire extinguishers. One of the best things about Macro Fire extinguishers is the years their clients get to use their products. It has extinguishers with validation of up to 10 years.



As its slogan “Passion to Protect” suggests, NAFFCO prides itself as the best company passionate about delivering quality protection to its customers. The Dubai-based company is a renowned leader in fire protection solutions. It has a global network in over 100 countries and has received numerous awards in manufacturing and exports.

Its products include firefighting equipment, fire protection system, fire doors, medical, extra low voltage solutions, fire pumps, and UL-listed dry powders. Besides, the company also offers training courses in NFPA Codes, fire fighting, and medical/first aid/CPR.


Edge Technical Solution LLC

When discussing online fire and safety equipment suppliers, you will never miss a spot for Fire Supplies Company. The online store was established by Edge Technical Solution LLC, Dubai, for fire product supplies. It is among the leading companies in the UAE offering high-quality fire products and supplies.

Some of its life safety products include emergency lighting, gas detection, and fire alarms, UL-listed dry powders, and firefighting safety gear products. Over the years, Fire Supplies has become the most trusted name in fire safety supplies due to its unbeatable quality and professional services.  


Kanex Fire Co. Ltd

Established in 1998, Kanex Fire is a renowned manufacturer of fire extinguishing products, authorized fire suppression systems, and supply installation testing in India. High work ethics, international standard products, on-time delivery process, and prompt after-sale service are some of the main things that have contributed to the success of Kanex Fire.

Its fire extinguisher products include Co2, clean agent, water and foam, Li-ION, ABC, UL, BC powder, and special application fire extinguishers. Besides, they also offer refilling services and numerous fire suppression systems.


Get Your UL-Listed Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Today!

Fire extinguishers can be small but play a huge role in any fire protection plan. They are undoubtedly the best tools for businesses and homeowners to put out small fires or prevent them from spreading before the fire department arrives. The above companies are the best manufacturers of UL-listed dry powders for fire extinguishers and are the most reliable.

At Macro Fire Supply, we pride ourselves as the best manufacturer and supplier of custom class ABC and multi-purpose fire extinguishers. Contact us for a prompt quote, and let us work on keeping you safe. 

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