M.P., West Bengal, Odisha Top in Land Records Digitisation: N-LRSI Index

An Overview


In the NCAER's Land Records and Services Index (NLRSI) 2020-21, nearly all states and union territories showed a gradual growth in their attempts to modernize land records. The information was gathered largely on two fronts: the scope of land record digitization and the quality of these records.


The West Bengal Department of Land & Land Records has launched BanglarBhumi, an online site that allows users to view all land-related transactions and access land details. West Bengal residents will now be able to use the portal to check the transfer of a property's title from one person to another, conversion applications, RoR (Record of Rights) applications, and other land-related papers. Land and property papers in West Bengal can be easily accessible online through BanglarBhumi.


BanglarBhumi's Advantages


The Banglarbhumi government portal makes the process of buying a housing loan online easier.


    It can assist you in obtaining a detailed ‘Khaitan' as well as layout information.

    Ensures complete transparency in the land record-keeping system.

    All entrepreneurs planning to start a business in West Bengal can use the portal with ease.

    All land and property information for the state can be found in one location.

    People can save a lot of time and money by using this internet gateway.


What Services Does BanglarBhumi Provide?


The following is a list of online services offered by BanglarBhumi:


  1. Controller of Rentals
  2. Tenancy in Thika
  3. Services that are centered on the needs of citizens
  4. The Land Distribution
  5. ISU administration
  6. Board of State Land Use
  7. Maps and records are being digitized.
  8. Preparation (ARTI and LMTC)
  9. Delimitation of the Indo-Bangladesh Border
  10. Preparation, updating, and upkeep


How do I Check the Status of a Property on  BanglarBhumi Portal?


To track the status of your land or property rights application on the Banglarbhumi site, follow the steps outlined below.


  1. Go to the e-district portal for West Bengal.
  2. Then, at the lower right-hand corner of its webpage, click on the 'Inspection Report.'
  3. Enter the application number from the acknowledgment receipt for the Record of Rights (RoR) application.
  4. To check the progress of your Banglarbhumi RoR application, go to the 'Document Search' option once you've logged in.


Wrapping Up


BanglarBhumi's digitization of land ownership records has made it easier for residents of the state to obtain property information and documents at any time. These land records serve as a vital database for property buyers, allowing them to double-check important details before closing a deal.

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