Promoting with Recognition Banners

When you first enter a sports stadium, what are some of the first things you notice? Is it the sounds, smells, or sights? Speaking for myself, I’m always drawn to the vivid colors and dazzling designs that each team uses to brand themselves as athletic warriors. Hanging from the high ceilings and draped over the sideline barriers, you will likely find the banners emblazoned with the name of both teams.

Imagine attending the Stanley Cup and as you stand in the arena you notice there aren’t any signs hung for either team, their players, or their mascots. You get a hard-to-describe feeling when you’re in the stands and your team’s flag hangs proudly overhead as they score again. Can you picture a crowd of raving fans in attendance at the Superbowl, cheering a team as it entered the field without triumphantly bursting through a banner? We take pride in our teams, we wear their colors and brandish their flags as loyal fans, and love to see those massive banners hanging in their home arenas to welcome the players back from away games.

Science in Familiarity

Statistics have shown that we are more likely to remember advertising with imagery, such as pictures, video, or graphics, according to this source. Perhaps the books you read don’t have many if any, pictures in them, but most of them do have art of some kind on the cover. Despite the popular saying, we often do judge a book by its cover. We’re naturally drawn to certain colors and patterns and can easily pass up a fine volume simply because we glance right past it. The same can be said for movie posters, or video game cases, but also e.g. banners for investments or investment services.

Do you or a family member have a collection of favorite advertising from your hobbies? Bowling swag, creature designs from a beloved trading card game, if you’re a fan of something, you’re probably collecting something about it. Just like an exciting ad poster hung in a store window, banners are introducing you to something, or are reminding you of an upcoming event. It could be the certain victory of your local college basketball team, the new performance by a dance group visiting from another town, or an upcoming music festival you’ve been waiting all year for.


What you're made of

You’re standing at a podium, on a stage in a venue far away from home, and even though you know you’ve prepared a flawless rebuttal for the big debate, you feel uncertain. Before you clear your throat and try to begin, a handful of your friends and family explode into cheers in support of you. When you turn to give them an appreciative smile you see them all holding recognition flags and banners with your team’s name on them. You take a deep breath and remind yourself that you absolutely have got this.