A Guide to Buy Real Estate in Downtown Dubai, UAE

Dubai attracts most foreign investors with favorable conditions for business development, a loyal attitude towards entrepreneurs from abroad, and various objects and prices. Even though there are territorial restrictions on the purchase of objects in the UAE, in special freehold areas, foreign citizens can buy real estate in Downtown Dubai, UAE, with full ownership.

The essence of freehold zones

Freehold Zone - a territory where a foreign citizen can buy any property in undivided possession and dispose of it at his discretion. Namely: live, buy apartments for sale in Dubai and rent, resell, or alienate. This restriction does not apply to citizens of the UAE and the Gulf countries.

Foreign individuals may own real estate without the restriction of their rights exclusively in areas designated by the Government of Dubai.

One of the best areas to buy apartments

An important factor when choosing real estate in Dubai for investment purposes is the profitability of the object and whether you can get the most return on investment.

Read more about the freehold areas in which properties are for sale in Dubai and the conditions for buying them that are the most attractive.

Downtown Dubai

The center of the emirate, combining high business and tourist activity. It sells residential and commercial properties, including popular off-plan projects in Dubai. Here you can

·     see the Burj Khalifa;

·     go to the Dubai Mall.

The area is comprehensively developed and offers a premium standard of living. The well-developed city center offers a premium lifestyle, studios, and 1-7 bedroom apartments.

The average cost of apartments here is 1537 dirhams (418 US dollars) per 1 m².

Business bay

This area is located near the center of Dubai and is located along the Dubai Canal. Business Bay is popular with foreign investors due to its well-developed infrastructure and world-famous attractions. In addition, Business Bay is one of the city's central areas with high business activity, so this area is in high demand among employees of local companies and firms, couples, and entrepreneurs. Here you can buy properties for sale off-plan in Dubai, studios, 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments, as well as 4 and 5-bedroom penthouses and duplexes.

The average cost of apartments here is 1345 dirhams (366 US dollars) per 1 m².

Assistance with the purchase of investment property in Dubai

Without knowledge of the intricacies of UAE legislation, it isn't easy to comply with all the intricacies of the transaction when buying a home.

Need real estate in Downtown Dubai for investment or permanent residence? Real estate agency in Dubai will offer profitable options and provide full information support and after-sales service. A complete list of premium objects can be found in the catalog on the website.

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