Reasons why Divorce can affect men more than women

Men want to feel and express the love they have for their wives. But when a husband doesn't feel gratitude from the whole family, he will express resentment instead, many men who go to couples therapy are often unhappy with poor financial decisions made by their partner.

Why is it harder for men to endure divorce?

Comparing the impact of divorce by gender, we found that one of the reasons men find it harder to deal with a breakup is their greater difficulty opening up and sharing their pain, sense of failure, and worry about the divorce with others. . Compared to women, since men are less likely to seek help when their family falls apart, they are more likely to experience despair, stress, and depression. In some cases, serious mental health problems arise that can even lead to suicide. At Nakase law firm there is a complete explanation of this question, How does divorce affect men?

How can this be explained?

In general, the factors that harm the mental and physical health of divorcees are the loss of control over life, the deterioration of the family and social sense, economic stress, loneliness, and emptiness. All of these feelings are intensified in divorced men. Also, to this already difficult situation, we can add the potential for false accusations that are sometimes part of legal disputes in obtaining child custody.

There is a widespread – and yet erroneous – idea that it is easier for a man to live a single life after a separation, a life free of worries and commitments, while single mothers feel overwhelmed with the task of raising alone. Their children, often bear the brunt of the financial burdens single-handedly. However, in practice, this image often turns out to be unfounded.

While, in many cases, women receive almost complete custody of their children, fathers also find themselves "divorced" from their children. The constant confrontations with the ex-spouse often complicate the relationship with the children who sometimes hold a grudge against the father for leaving home, feeling distanced from him regardless of the compensation that the father may try to give them so that they continue to maintain their level of life.

What Men Do After a Separation?

• Cry in the shower

Even if the common imagination wants to persuade us to the contrary, men also cry. No matter the gender, losing the person you saw yourself spending the rest of your life with hurts. Results? Men and women sob.

They cry in the shower, they cry while having breakfast, they cry on the way to work, they cry in the office toilet, they cry on the way home. Most do it in secret, with a rather strong feeling of shame. A crying man is usually still in love.

• Swear to NEVER date anyone again

The grief caused by a painful breakup is very difficult to bear. We often feel like our world is falling apart and we will never know love again. For all these reasons and many more, some men can promise themselves never to fall in love again.

• Playing his last cards to save the relationship

Why do men come back after a breakup? The answer is simple: they regret it. And in the event that they are responsible for the separation, they hope to be forgiven and have a new chance. Go through your best friend to convince you, show up at your house with a bouquet of tulips, or even write you a song: in short, a man who regrets is ready for anything.

• Trying to erase all her memories

Conversely, a man determined to move on can erase all traces of memories without shame. He dives into his photo albums to delete everything. Everything goes there, even common playlists. And that's understandable since it's easier to move forward if you let go of your emotional baggage.

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