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Take Your Restaurant Business to the Next Level with Whip Cream Chargers

Whipped cream is an essential ingredient in any kitchen. But buying premade can start to add up, and whipping by hand eats up time. No more. Innovation, thy name is “whipped cream charger.” These chargers, known by many names and not just for whipped cream, have revolutionized kitchens— now, it’s your turn. In this article, we’ll investigate whippit tanks: what they are, how they work, and their various uses in your kitchen.

What is a Whip It Canister?

We did say they go by many names! A whip-it canister is a tank full of nitrous oxide primarily used to whip heavy cream in seconds. The charger works in correlation with a whip cream dispenser and, if you use it for more than one thing, a pressure regulator. If you only use your whippit for the same whipped cream every time, you may be able to skip the regulator. However, if you change fat content, use dairy-free creams, or use the whip cream charger for other dishes or beverages, you need to be able to adjust the nitrous oxide pressure.

How Does a Whippit Tank Work?

How to use the Whippit charger varies slightly based on what you’re making. For now, we’ll focus on standard whipped cream. Simply put your heavy cream into the dispenser, seal it, plug in the charger, and release the gas. The N2O gas dissolves into the cream, creating a perfect fluffy texture that lasts for hours. What once took time and labor to complete is now as simple as pressing a lever on the dispenser to top off your desserts. Whipped cream dispensers have a variety of nozzles to choose from, so you can create the perfect look to post on social media.

What Can You Make With a Whip Cream Charger?

Chargers work for more than just whipped cream. You can actually make a number of desserts, edible foams, and dazzling beverages with them. Here are just a few options:

     Nitro Coffee. Who doesn’t enjoy this energizing, cool beverage during a flaming hot summer? Nitro coffee is the sum of its parts: nitrous oxide gas is released into a dispenser full of your favorite cold brew.

     Frothy Cocktails. Want to try something different the next time you host your friends? Use nitrous oxide from a cream charger to infuse your cocktails with a frothy texture. Simply mix your beverage, add it to the dispenser, seal it, and plug in the charger.

     Mouse. Create the perfect creamy texture by mixing your mousse and placing it in the whipped cream dispenser. Release the nitrous oxide, and voila! A perfectly fluffy mouse to die for.

     Espumas. These are one of the few warm things you create with a whippit tank. This edible vegetable foam can be added to a variety of dishes for a bit of texture and a pop of flavor.

     Carbonated Fruit. This fizzy fruit can be used as a garnish or a refreshing snack. All it takes is a sealable container, some nitrous oxide gas, and a fridge. Use the dispenser to add the gas to your chopped-up fruit. Leave it sealed for a few minutes, then pull out the bite-sized pieces for freshness with a pop.

     Frosting. By adjusting the pressure, you can turn your light and fluffy whipped cream into the perfect consistency for frosting. Top your cakes and cupcakes with delectable whipped cream frosting that looks great every time.

     Infusions. You can also use your charger to create various infusions. You can add herbs and spices to things like butter and oil, or you can flavor your whipped cream for a new creation.

Who Should Have Cream Chargers in Their Kitchen?

If it were up to us, whipped cream chargers would be standard in every kitchen. Just about anyone can use them, and they’re incredibly useful. Whether you’re an individual who bakes as a hobby or own an industrial-sized kitchen, build your own restaurant, a whipped cream charger could be just what you need. They come in a variety of sizes, from tiny 8G canisters to larger 640G tanks. What size you need depends entirely on how often you need it.

Whipped cream chargers can save you time and effort in creating picture-perfect whipped cream in a matter of seconds. Experiment with other uses for your cream charger and unlock both its and your kitchen’s full potential today.

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