Safely Ship Gold Bars & Bullion With These Tips

Money makes the world go round and there’s only one thing more powerful than the greenback, namely gold. This precious metal with the chemical element symbol of AU has unique properties; it is malleable, a good conductor of electricity, and resistant to corrosion, and due to its rarity, gold was quickly used as a form of wealth. There are more than 200,000 tons of gold have been discovered, and no one really knows how much more there is on the planet.



If you are investing in or moving large quantities of gold bullion, here are a few safe handling tips.


  • Take Out Some Insurance - You shouldn’t be comfortable knowing you are moving substantial wealth, especially if the consignment is not in your immediate vision. There are only 3 things that are certain in this life: birth, death, and taxes. Everything else is on the table and losing any amount of gold would be a painful experience. The price of gold fluctuates according to market forces and investors trade gold, trying to predict market trends.


  • Choose A Suitable Carrier - Moving quantities of gold bullion demand that you enlist the services of an established courier company that works with valuable cargo. City Gold Bullion is where you buy gold Adelaide investors go for and they have a secure courier service; your consignment would be fully insured. Search online to find similarly established gold dealers in your area.


  • The Right Packaging - Of course, you don’t want to make it obvious the cargo is of high value. Gold bars need to be packed in such a way that they cannot move in transit. It would be best if you prevented metal from touching metal at all costs, as this would damage the bars. If you are purchasing gold bullion from a reputable dealer, they can provide you with secure transportation and are happy to advise you on any aspect of transporting and storing gold bullion.


  • Don’t Be Complacent - Yes, you could put a few 1kg bars of gold in a sports bag and put it on the back seat of the car, but your cargo is too valuable to be treated in such a casual manner. You could slip a 100gm ingot bar into your pocket and totally forget about it. Even small amounts of gold need to be concealed if you want to minimise the risk of loss. Indeed, you are far more likely to lose a 1oz bar than a 1kg bar, so watch out when carrying and storing small gold ingots.


In the event you are acquiring gold bullion from an established dealer, they can provide secure transportation to any address in your country. Your gold should be stored in a secure location and if ever you need to move it, contact a courier company that works with high-value items.


The Gold Bullion Industry


The major gold bullion dealers use a special package tracking system, where 1kg bars are individually packaged, sealed, and scanned into a secure GPS tracking system, then transported by bullion logistics providers to the final destination. There is a chain of integrity and once a gold bar has been unpackaged, it cannot go back into the system until it has been tested for purity. There are many steps to ensure the gold is secure at all times until it reaches the hands of the recipient.

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