What to wear with Sapphire Beads?

Sapphires have been around for centuries and still amaze us today. The September gemstone, a timeless classic, is well-known for its beautiful dark blue color. Sapphire is associated with loyalty, wisdom, and mental focus. This gem was worn by the ancient Greeks, Buddhists, and Hindus to provide spiritual guidance. It has been associated across many religions with the divine.

Although many people associate sapphire with a deep blue color, it can come in various colors, including orange, purple, green, and pink. No matter what color you choose, the sapphire gemstone beads can add sparkle to any outfit. September is a great month to wear this gem.

We have five favorite ways to turn heads this month using sapphire beads.

1. Plum Sapphire Beads paired with other cool colors

The plum Sapphire shade is a subtle yet striking shade of purple. Plum sapphires are strong enough to stand on their own and still look lustrous. Cool colors are great for fall and will set this gem off.

Pair the plum sapphire with blue gems such as the Australian opal or the blue sapphire to make it even more appealing. The combination of the blue and the plum sapphire creates an almost electric vibe. The Australian opal's unusual accents make it a striking combination. These gems can be combined with beads to make a unique statement piece.

Wearing outfits with cool colors is another way to make plum sapphires stand apart. A light blue sweater or blouse can complement the purple gem.

2. Blue Sapphire is a Statement Piece

An excellent piece of jewelry with blue sapphires would be a great addition to your collection. A combination of blue sapphires and diamonds, for example, can be the focal point of any outfit. A custom-made diamond and a sapphire necklace are timeless pieces you will never tire of. They instantly elevate any business.

A few rules will make your outfit and statement piece look amazing. It is best only to wear one statement piece at any given time. You should avoid jewelry with gemstones if you intend to combine the statement piece with other jewelry. Instead, look for basic metals such as silver and gold. It is important to remember that a statement piece should be paired with clothing in muted colors, such as gray or black.

3. Present the beauty of Padparadscha Sapphires

Padparadscha sapphires rank among the rarest gems in the entire world. These sapphires, which mean "aquatic lotus blooms" in Sinhalese, are well-known for their unusual color: a rare mix of oranges and pinks.

These sapphires are extremely rare; collectors often buy them immediately after they come on the market. This precious gem was the central stone in Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring. Padparadscha sapphires can be an excellent investment if you can purchase one. With their delicate salmon-pink tones, these gemstones add elegance to any outfit. However, bluebird blue is the best color to highlight the gem's colors.

4. Take note of the growing trend for pink sapphires

In recent years, pink sapphires are becoming more popular. It's easy to see why. The pink sapphire, associated with sincerity and love, is a flattering jewel for all skin tones. It can be found in various colors, from baby pink to hot magenta. Both are beautiful feminine tones.

No matter what color you wear, a pink sapphire will be noticed no matter what. A pale pink color looks great with all fabrics, including denim. Hot pink sapphires look best with blues, light colors, pinks, and white.

5. Chocolate Sapphires can be used to create a subtle style.

Chocolate sapphire is one of the most exquisite gems. This sapphire is elegant and luxurious with its warm, neutral cocoa tone.

You can look elegant at any formal event with the chocolate sapphire. This combination is best when paired with neutral tones such as white. This combination will impress with a jewel lighter in color than the gem.

Sapphires come in a variety of sizes and colors. These gems are great for making a first impression or having a beautiful jewel to wear daily.

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