How to Find Small Business Accountants in Canada

When a company is considered small, it mainly refers to the volume of business and its number of employees. Business processes are more or less the same as in large companies, but with one big difference - small companies generally outsource most of their staff.

If you are a small business owner in Canada, running your business even though it is a micro-enterprise, you would still need some help with your financials, and you would have to find the aid of an accountant. You do not want to spend thousands of dollars but would rather be practical and go for something more affordable and more convenient yet efficient.

A search for the right firm to help from a wide choice of accountants for small businesses in Canada will not be that easy. You will need to find a reputable individual or agency to help you organize your finances. Here are some few tips and suggestions you can refer to:

Get Referrals


Word of mouth means a lot in the business world. Keep that in mind, when asking colleagues or anyone you know to recommend you a good accountant. Some of these people have already been through this kind of process. They will be able to tell you whether they found the right person or not.

If people you asked were pleased with keeping, inspecting, and analyzing financial accounts, they'd be happy to recommend experts who did that. But the same goes if they weren't satisfied. If they think the accountants did lousy work, you won't hear any kind words about them. Both positive and negative suggestions can be a great guideline.

Still, if personal suggestions don't instill confidence in you, consider going online to find a small business accountant yourself. This way, you will be assured of all the necessary information you need.

Look for Expertise