Smart Ideas for Window Treatments

There are myriad ways to dress your windows. One thing is for certain, though. Window dressings give the final touches to your décor. If you are upgrading a room or two in your home, make sure that you do not neglect the perfect finish with suitable window treatments. We look at the available options to help refine your search.

Teaming Wallpaper with Window Dressing

If your home refurbishment project includes wallpaper with a pattern, you can carry this theme over to a decorative blind. These should both be in neutral colours like white and grey so that they do not overwhelm the room and make it look too busy. Also, stick to single-tone sofas with contrasting pillows.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are ideal for areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. As they do not cover the entire window, light can still enter. For privacy in the bathroom they are also suitable if the window is glazed. These areas need some form of window treatment to complete the look you are aiming for.

Your bathroom, especially, needs a free flow of air to release steam and moisture rapidly. Make sure that the Roman blinds are made from a light material that can air dry quickly. If you are designing a home from scratch, try to position the bath and shower alongside windows for good ventilation.

If you want a window to draw the gaze, such as in the lounge area, a Roman blind with a decorative, colorful design for a single window would be perfect and add to the texture of your overall arrangement. As a final touch, add a lambrequin.


For areas like bedrooms, you need shutters that fit the entire height of the window. This is to ensure your privacy. Slats will permit some light to enter.

Solid panels are great if you are not concerned about anyone being able to see inside, like if the bedroom is at the back of the property and hidden from neighbours. These can be swung open when you need light and closed when you need to keep the light out to get a good night’s rest. This makes bedroom shutters the perfect solution for shift workers.

If you are not sure of your requirements, check Checkatrade for reliable companies. Speak to a consultant from London Interior Shutters to match the price of any other national retailer.

You can also get waterproof shutters for bathrooms. An example would be a skylight above a bath.


Most people think of curtains as the primary solution to treating a window. However, you should always consider all the possibilities for the space. For instance, often shutters will provide a more elegant look. That said, curtains make a room cozier.

Curtains must be hung correctly or they spoil the view of the room. You need enough drops to block out all the light. Nowadays, curtains typically are full length, just touching the floor.

With so many options and styles to choose from, you can achieve any look you want.

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