Latest News And Trends In The World Of Soybean Farming, Trade, And Consumption

Over the past few years, soybean farming has gathered wide popularity in different parts of the world. The farming, trade, and consumption of soybean have been quite transformative for many people looking for an alternative form of protein aside from animal-based sources.

For anyone interested in the world of soybean, keeping track of the latest news and trends is very important. Depending on what segment of the soybean supply chain you lie, information on the farming, trade, and consumption of soybean can help you strategize on how to interact with different parts of the market.

Here are some noteworthy news and trends that might interest you.

Soybean Farming


Initially, soybean farming was an exclusively Asian affair. However, in recent years, soybean farming has moved from Asian plantations to plantations in South America and North America.

The popularity of soybean as an alternative protein is closely associated with the increase in the rate at which soybean farming is growing. Due to the popularity of soybean farming, there are certain trends that are on the rise.


Trends To Look Out For