Sworn translators in Spain

Finding an immigration lawyer in Spain who is fluent in English has never been easier. You can have the services of a true professional and learn about Spanish law without having to worry about language barriers. At My Spanish Residency, you will find many professional immigration lawyers fully prepared to study your case and guide you through any legal process you are involved in. Spanish bureaucracy can often be a difficult task for foreigners, that is why the lawyers of My Spanish Residency will offer you their help ensuring fast, safe, and fully compliant solutions to the current laws in the Spanish territory.

Spanish sworn translators are in great demand, as laws can be a complicated matter and even more so if they involve foreigners who do not know the language of the country, nor its way of life. If you are looking for a reputable lawyer and a professional translator specialized in immigration cases in Marbella, you can contact the My Spain Visa platform. There are many people who have homes and properties in Marbella who have already enjoyed the services of this team of professionals who have already solved many cases before. They will be able to help you apply for residency permits, visas, as well as advise you on the purchase of homes, cars, etc.

As a main advice, if you decide to stay for a long time in Spain, it is recommended to obtain the NIE, that is, the identity document for foreigners that proves not only your legal residence status in the Spanish state, but also allows you to register with the Social Security, work in Spain, open a bank account in any bank, etc. It is also important to apply for a residence visa, such as the Golden Visa. It is intended for all those citizens from outside the European Union who want to live in Spain for a long period of time.

Both Marbella and other places on the Costa del Sol and the rest of Spain are very popular destinations for those who want to move to Spain either to work, to retire, or to invest money in a business of their own. The climate, the gastronomy, the culture in general, and the Spanish lifestyle are the main attractions of this Mediterranean country. That is why it is always necessary to have the help of a professional who will take care of all the paperwork and who can help us with the linguistic barriers to avoid problems with the law of the country.

You can find this and much more information on My Spain Visa where you can also read the opinions of other customers who have previously contracted the services of this web platform and that can help you to decide by reading their personal experiences. Don’t hesitate to put in contact with this lawyer’s team with more than 10 years of experience in multiple and different cases that can be the same as yours. 

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