The Financial Pros of a UK Healthcare Career

Most British people will agree that the NHS is the country’s biggest asset. Unlike other nations that charge hundreds and thousands of dollars for basic healthcare, UK residents make income-based national insurance (NI) contributions to receive free care at a hospital or GP practice.

There is no denying the NHS is one of the nation’s biggest achievements, and working in the industry comes with various advantages for healthcare professionals. If you are considering entering the sector or relocating to work for an NHS or a private hospital, you must make an informed choice for your financial future. Learn about the financial pros of a UK healthcare career.

You Will Receive Many Fantastic Perks

As mentioned, the UK values the passion, care, and commitment of its NHS workers, which is why staff receive many perks from various companies. For example, NHS staff can receive:

·         20% off at McDonald’s

·         10% off at Starbucks

·         25% off at Pizza Hut

·         A free Headspace subscription

·         25% off Vodaphone

The above deals are a small sample of the discounts you can enjoy as a dedicated NHS employee. Also, healthcare professionals can sign up for a Blue Light Card to slash the cost of services from a wide variety of retailers, restaurants, bars, and more.

Junior Doctors Can Secure Specialist Advice

Doctors are worth every penny they earn each year. Once fully qualified, a doctor will likely enjoy superb financial security due to a superb annual salary. Yet, some junior doctors may struggle to secure a mortgage when completing their foundation training. Unfortunately, this hurdle can prevent budding physicians from purchasing their first home, upsizing their property, or buying a home near a hospital.

Yet, financial services are available to help junior doctors step onto the property ladder, providing the same benefits as other hardworking professionals. For example, mortgages for junior doctors are available, as they can choose from lenders who understand trainee doctor contracts. With the correct help, an aspiring doctor can receive the keys to their dream home sooner rather than later, allowing them to focus their full attention on their career.

Fantastic Salaries and Progression Paths

As the UK healthcare sector suffers from significant staff shortages, it offers fantastic salaries to attract people into the roles and reward their hard work and dedication. Also, there are many routes to progression, training opportunities, and various paths to explore. As hospitals, clinics, and practices are eager to fill roles, civil servants can enjoy much job security and career opportunities.

The UK healthcare system isn’t only free, but a US think tank has deemed it the best out of the eleven most-developed countries around the world. Therefore, you can trust you will work alongside a team of compassionate, hardworking, and knowledgeable staff who make a difference in many patients’ lives every day. Yet, you must consider the above pros and cons to make the right decision for your financial future, personal goals, and job satisfaction.

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