The Four Easiest Ways To Start a Lawn Care Business

Here are the four easiest ways to start a lawn care business. You don't have to be a landscaping expert to start a lawn business. You just need one of these five strategies, and you can begin your lawn care company today.


Get the right tools and equipment

The first thing that you need to do is get together all of the proper tools and equipment to start a lawn care business. Getting the right tools for the job can be expensive. The right tools will allow you to keep your customers' lawns looking great, while the wrong ones can cost you time, money, and even customers. Lawn care business loans are available and could help your business grow faster than expected.

Here are some of the things that you're going to need when it comes to starting a lawn care business:


Lawn Mower

Depending on what kind of services you are offering, you may be able to get away with just purchasing a good push mower for now. This can save you some money in the beginning until your business has grown enough for you to purchase better equipment.

Buying a good quality push mower is always best because it is something that your customers will notice if you use a cheap one. If you can afford it from the beginning, then I'd recommend buying an industrial riding mower that can handle several acres at a time.


Edge Trimmer

Trimming edges around sidewalks or other features on the property can take a lot of time when done by hand. A good hedge trimmer will make this task much easier and faster.


Weed Eater

A weed eater tool is a gardening tool used to trim grass and weeds. It is also a string trimmer, weed whacker, and weed whip. The device consists of a long shaft with a handle at one end and a motor or engine at the other end, with a cutting head attached to the middle. The cutting head is usually made of plastic or metal and can either be manually operated or automatic (depending on the model).


Get licensed, bonded and insured

You must be licensed to operate as a business in your local city or county. If you can't get a license to operate a lawn care business, you could start out doing lawn care with no license by working for an established company that can pay you to do the job. Then, after you've learned everything there is to know about the business, you could branch out on your own.

To apply for a license, you must first register with your state's revenue department and obtain an employer identification number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The IRS recommends filing Form SS-4 online before doing anything else. You can also send it in via mail or fax. It usually takes about four weeks to receive your EIN in the mail from the IRS.


Marketing is key

If you're starting a lawn care business, one of the most critical aspects of your business plan is marketing. You can have the best equipment and the best staff, but if nobody knows about your company, you will never succeed. Here are a few ways you can market your business:

Promotion: Promotion refers to how your company communicates with its customers. For many lawn care companies, this comes in customer service — being available to answer questions, giving status updates on jobs in progress, and so on. Word-of-mouth promotion is also essential in this area. It would help if you made sure that customers tell their friends about your company and want to use it again for future projects.

Advertising: Advertising conveys information about your company, products, and services to potential customers. For many smaller lawn care businesses, this can take the form of passing out flyers or brochures at local trade shows or home improvement stores. Other popular methods include newspaper ads and radio commercials.


Choose your services

Choosing what services to offer is the first step to starting a lawn care business. The most successful companies offer a wide range of services but start with 2-3 core services. Add additional services as you build up your workforce and equipment.


Lawn Care Services

The basic lawn care service includes mowing and trimming the front yard and backyard, weeding, fertilizing, edging, and cleaning up after services are performed. Additional options can include pest control and aeration.


Landscaping Services

Landscaping involves many tasks, including planting trees and shrubs, building retaining walls and patios, laying sod or seed, installing irrigation systems, and maintaining decorative plantings.



If you want to start a lawn care business, the good news is that you don't need an enormous investment of cash to pull it off. It would help if you were willing to learn about lawn care and a little elbow grease. It does take some hard work, so be prepared for that. But if you can handle those basics, then this industry can be a very profitable one well worth getting into.

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