Top 8 Databases to Use in Your Business Research

Any business research is impossible without fact-checking and metrics. Anyone conducting this research – a student or an analyst – must know the list of reliable sources to check the credibility of the information before using it.

Fortunately, the internet has provided us with access to lots of data. Some of it is even put into large databases for clarity and convenience. Access to these may be open for free or at a small fee, but if the case might be, it is definitely worth spending your money. They can help you streamline your research and make it more fact-based.

In this article, we will talk about the most popular and worthy databases you can access online. The titles you find below are often referenced by almost every pay for essay service providing business research assistance to students. They are genuinely fundamental for consistent and comprehensive study.

  1. PitchBook Data

All you need to know about venture capital, private equity, and M&A deals is being carefully tracked and stored on PitchBook. This is an excellent resource for any research that studies joint ventures, capital inflows and outflows, and new merges within specific industries. So it complements perfectly the investment directory with more than 75k organizations in the investment industry listed.

PitchBook can be used to obtain metrics, gather information on investors, study competitors, and establish benchmarks. Whenever you need more access to private market data, check PitchBook.

  1. Factiva

Another great place to retrieve information that would make your research more fact-based is Factiva. As the name suggests, its team collects market info, reports, and expert analysis on different companies. Apart from that, it also stores licensed content from respected journalists, media, and websites that can further help your research.

The source refers to itself as a global news monitoring and search engine. It is indeed built in the form of a search engine but presents only credible, request-related information.

  1. Business Source Premier

Business Source Premier is a growing collection of open access journals with precise and accurate data. It covers all areas for the David Eccles School of Business and is one of the most popular sources for business research.

The portal has an advanced search feature that you can use to narrow down your search. In addition to journals, it also has valuable non-journal content such as case studies, etc.

You can find a reference to this resource in almost every Business paper crafted by essay writing professionals. It’s also common in essayhub reviews by happy customers who earned a high grade by submitting a paper written based on Business Source Premier data.

  1. Mergent

Mergent Intellect provides detailed information on US and international companies and their competitors. It collects both private and public information, from very basic to industry-specific. For example, you can find historical facts, country insights, and industry analyses here.

This database claims to track the most significant number of companies, offering “a wealth of textual detail” on each of them. It continuously advances, adding new features and functionalities to already existing tools.

  1. IBISWorld

This industry research database is easy to use and contains lots of information on companies around the globe. You can discover industry report collections by choosing a region or a country of interest. Also, you can narrow down your search to a particular company, studying its performance globally or regionally.

This database provides reports on the following:

  • industry summaries;

  • market research;

  • cost structure;

  • major companies and competitors; and

  • key statistics.

  1. Capital IQ

If you need to study financial aspects of business performance, Capital IQ is the best place to look for that kind of information. This is the largest web-based financial database, which provides charting, competitive analyses, and screening. Master students in Finance and Business Administration are already pre-registered. Others require an account to use it.

  1. World Bank & WTO

International organizations like the World Bank & WTO provide lots of data as well. This information is open access and can be downloaded by anyone without any fee.

Even though you may not find reports on particular companies there, you can use WTO and World Bank info to research market situations in a particular region or country. This will provide background if you need to research a specific company.

  1. Euromonitor International (aka Passport)

This is one of the most popular market research databases with market, country, and industry data. It’s earned a reputation as a leading provider of strategic syndicated market research. Euromonitor collects data across 210 countries and 1200 cities.

To use this database, you’ll need to register an account. Their info is protected but still available to people requesting it after identity verification.


If you are a business or finance student who needs to come up with business research, there’s no need to worry. You have the internet, and the internet has everything you need.

Just a few clicks, and you’ll delve deep into the world of data with overwhelming statistics. All that’s left is to know how to manage this information to come up with findings worth discussing.

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