Top Tips for the Beginner Blogger

Whether youre planning on starting a blog for business purposes or are simply interested in having your own online space to share your opinions, this guide will give you some helpful hints to take on board to give your blog the best chance of success. Some of the most difficult challenges you may face are finding a niche that matches your interests and passion and building your follower community. After all, the internet is such an overcrowded platform of bloggers that it can be a challenge to differentiate yourself and make an impression. However, like anything in life, it is a learning curve that will develop as you become more experienced.

If youre in need guide, were going to offer some useful tips to take on board as a beginner blogger:

Write about popular topics


Did you know that over 50% of website traffic stems from organic searches? Quite simply, for your blog to have a great reach, youll need to write blog posts based on popular topics. For example, for Mothers Day, you could write a post based around gifts for mom as it is likely to be one of the most searched-for terms during this particular period. Secondly, you should carry out keyword research using an online tool to come up with new topic ideas and understand what your audience is looking for. Finally, it may be worth browsing your competitors blogs to get a feel for their most-read topics, which you can take inspiration from and adapt.

Make your posts easy-to-read


The average attention span of the modern adult is now just 8 seconds, so it would be a huge mistake to create a blog thats too fussy and overwhelming. Its most likely the case that people would rather be doing something other than reading a blog (especially if it is based on a more serious topic) - whether it be watching Netflix or scrolling leisurely through social media. Therefore, you need to make your blog as easy to read and as entertaining as possible. Some of the key pointers to keep in mind for good readability include:

·         Brief paragraphs

·         Breaking up long sentences

·         Adding media (photos, videos, GIFS) to fill web pages without adding unnecessary wording

·         Using various types of formatting

·         Reading the content audibly to identify where wording may fail to flow appropriately


Be consistent


Once you have started to write regular posts, ensure that you give your readers consistency. Its much quicker to lose followers than it is to earn them. With this in mind, you need to be dependable so that your followers know exactly what to expect from you. In doing so, youre far more likely to grow your follower base at a quicker rate and retain existing ones. Ensure that you write posts several times per week to keep your followers interested and stick to similar topics instead of experimenting with several niches. Understand what your followers are anticipating to meet their needs – after all, theres a reason why they have stuck around, so dont fix what isnt broken.  

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