Top tips to make moving house quicker and easier

Moving is commonly known as one of the most stressful events in adult life, but if you want to save money by downsizing, then it is essential. With so much to organize and arrange, the whole idea of a new adventure is lost amidst endless days of cleaning, packing, and rearranging, and it can make you question whether it is worth it, especially when you consider that you have to do it all over again at the new property. In order to make the process that little bit easier and save you money in the long run by moving house, here are a few top tips to get you started. Later also with the option of selling the house to an investor.

Do as much as you can in advance

Whether or not you’ve got a move-in date, there are still lots of things you can clean and pack. Getting as much done as possible in advance will make everything that little bit easier nearer the time.

That, way as soon as you have your move-in date, you’ll have the brain space to actually get a booking in the removal van and pack up the last items. It’s worth noting that removal companies tend to need a good amount of notice (it’ll likely save you money to book in advance, too), so start collecting quotes as far ahead as possible.

Declutter now, for easy packing later

Why waste energy packing and unpacking items you don’t really need? Moving house is the perfect time to have a good declutter. It could also save you money as you’ll have less to transport to the new property. If you choose to sell valuable items that have no use to you anymore, you could even make a little extra cash to put toward your new house.

The earlier you start your decluttering, the more time you have to really consider what to keep. You might first decide something is worth keeping, but a few weeks later realize it’s not been used and probably isn’t necessary to pack.

Decluttering will also help you keep your new home feeling fresh and new for longer. You’ll have less to unpack and much less to make the rooms look untidy.

Rent a storage unit

While you’re decluttering and packing up the house, you still want to be able to enjoy your space. Renting a storage unit from gives you the room you need to get all the boxes out of your house while you wait for a move-in date.

Storage units are also great if you’re looking to downsize, as furniture and other items can be stored away outside the house so you can make proper use of the space you have. You can even take your time with unpacking by taking a few boxes out of storage at a time. That way, the process doesn’t seem as stressful and daunting every time you open the front door.

Pack the essentials last

Items like toiletries, food, cutlery, and cleaning products can be packed last, so you can keep using them till the last minute. And, as they’ll be the last things into the car or removal van, they’ll be the first to come out – so you’ll know exactly where all your essentials are when you arrive at the new property because you’ll definitely be keen to get a coffee on the go as soon as possible! This will also mean you won’t waste any money buying replacement essentials because you need them urgently and they are packed away at the back. 

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