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Maximizing the benefits of Instant Payments represents a multi-billion-dollar opportunity for stakeholders across the financial ecosystem.

Anticipation is building around the launch of FedNow and the existing RTP network is expecting 50 million transactions for the December quarter.

That is why Reuters Events is hosting a live webinar to discuss 'Capitalizing on the Real-Time Payments Boom to Solve Unarticulated Customer Needs' on December 14th at 10am Eastern Time.

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  • Critical lessons and takeaways on the implications of instant payment rails for the customer, the underlying business model, and technological systems of financial institutions.
  • The secret to building an end-to-end real-time payment solution at low cost while complying with key regulatory and network expectations.
  • The most cogent use cases and success stories for Real-Time Payments, according to those at the forefront of innovation, product development, and interoperability research.

What's more, you will be joined by a suite of payments experts ready to share key insights and expert analysis:

  • James Colassano, Product Development, and Strategy at The Clearing House
  • Melissa Tuozzolo, Head of International Payments at Bank of America
  • Joe Hussey, SVP Payments at Wells Fargo
  • Jody Perla, Managing Director, Global Banking and Payment Infrastructure at  Payoneer

Moderated by:

I hope you can join us live on the 14th of December, at 10am Eastern Time.

Can't make it?  Sign up anyway and I'll email you the recording so you can catch up in your own time.

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