Visionary will be onsite arranging meetings for the ELITE Global Leaders Conference

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On behalf of Smart Money Match, I am pleased to extend an invitation to the Visionary Access Network via upcoming London events (see below):

Visionary will be onsite arranging meetings for the ELITE Global Leaders Conference in London July 14-17th. Limited complimentary access is available for investors taking part in arranged meetings, and supported access including on-site arranged meetings if offered for capital seekers.

Visionary Members Hover Energy, producing an award winning ‘Wind-Powered Microgrid,’ is hosting a complimentary gathering in London July 25th (see below), for those interested to learn about their installation in Liverpool and to discuss renewable energy on top of buildings.

Take the Visionary Access Survey to share your objectives, and their team will be in touch to discuss and share ongoing local~global arranged meetings and events. Feel free to contact the Visionary Team directly at


Request Event Access:

July 14 -17, London: ELITE Global Leaders Conference
Click here for Visionary Supported Access:
  • Investors participating in arranged meetings may request limited complimentary access.
  • Capital seekers may request favorable paid access with added on-site arranged meeting support.

July 25, 5 p.m. BST, LondonHover Energy London Cocktail Reception with Featured Presentation
July 26, 4 p.m. BSTVisionary Virtual Event: Hover Energy LIVE ~ UK Inaugural Installation

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