Web Development for Non-profits: Top 7 Tips

Web development is something non-profits should identify with as they aim to drive more engagement and grow their donor and revenue bases. Good web development for non-profits can only be attained when appropriate resources and expertise are in place. 

This is what informed our commitment to sharing tips on building an effective non-profit web development model with you in this write-up.

Go For A Trusted Website Development Company

You should contact a website development company to create a viable web development framework for your activities. The company will run the necessary analysis to understand what your non-profit requires for its sustained growth. 

You will be provided with professional insights that will be valuable in setting up a vibrant and highly effective website for raising funds. More so, the professional will work with you to take note of your needs and act upon them when building the website. 

All this initial evaluation and analysis will ensure that the relevant features are integrated into your website. You should always bear in mind that the functionality of your non-profit website is majorly dependent on its features. This is enough reason to engage the services of a trusted website development company.

Establish A Responsive Website Design


Any website that will satisfactorily engage visitors must be built with respect to the environment and behavior of the visitors. As per the environment, the website should respond perfectly when opened on a mobile device or laptop – based on the screen’s size. The images or contents on the website should not be displayed disproportionately.

It is, therefore, incumbent on the web development company to ensure that an adaptable mix of layouts, grids, cascading style sheets, and images are used. The visuals and color scheme of the site are also sometimes considered when website responsiveness is brought to the fore.  

Make It Easily Navigable

The functionality of a website is majorly reflected by its ease of use. Site visitors should be able to locate important things as easily as possible. The navigation should be placed at the top of the homepage, with essential pages – like “About Us,” “How to Donate,” etc. – easily identifiable.

It is because of easy navigation that website owners usually go for UX services. This helps to improve users’ experience, making your non-profit site more vibrant than ever before. If there is a high frequency of poor user experience, the bounce rate of the site records may be high. 

Use An Effective Content Management System

Top non-profit executives have learned and understood the relevance of staff augmentation, so they invest in valuable tools. One of such tools is a content management system (CMS) often called as website builders which can help you create and refine your site content when need be. 

CMS usually features layout formats, publishing functionality, file managers, audit logs, customizable templates, etc., that can be used in building an efficient website. Most content management systems are designed to also offer SEO advantages. WordPress is about the most popular website builder for nonprofits these days.  

Relatedly, you can have a software development company integrate customer relationship management (CRM) software into your nonprofit website. With this, you will be able to effectively manage your relationship with donors, with more engagements guaranteed in the future.  

Integrate Online Donation Form

A non-profit website will be just another information portal if certain resources or features are not integrated. However, since you will use it for your fundraising drive, you should remember to include a donation form

Besides using it to collect donations, this form will also be useful for building a credible database that will be needed in the future. So, you should learn to use it to request relevant information from donors.

As such, you have to work with the web developer to design a perfect form. It should not be bogus; just something simple and easy to complete within 2 - 3 minutes. You can leave the developer to inject some graphic enhancements for aesthetics. 

Data Security Shouldn’t Be Neglected

Like any other, a non-profit website may see a huge number of activities depending on the frequency of visits. Coupled with this, the information exchange on the site can be massive, which is why you must take data security seriously. You should build a trusted site that visitors or donors won't have a problem with.

Having donors' data compromised after completing a (giving) transaction on your site will not be nice. Moreover, you have to do everything within your means to ensure confidential details about your non-profit are well-protected on the site. It is in view of all these, you have to emphasize the issue of data security to the developer working on the site.

A top web development company will provide you with an effective and efficient security framework to sustain the integrity of the site. Plus, you should not fail to regularly update your website security and watch out for helpful cybersecurity tips.

Your Non-Profit’s Story Matters

Away from all the technical add-ons and graphics, your non-profit story also matters on your website. The story should be one of the most significant contents on the page. Hence, you have to develop something that will capture the attention of your audience. 

You can relate the mission and achievements - the lives you have been able to impact - of your organization in the story. The story doesn't have to be wordy; ensure it is straight to the point for easy understanding. And you should not forget to include a CTA (call to action) at the end of everything - a 'Donate Now' button may suffice in this regard.

Final Words

Non-profit web development future has to be done with keen attention to detail. This is why you have to engage the service of a reputable web development company and also ensure that you clearly highlight your preferences. 

The ultimate goal is to build a functional website where donors can connect with you and donate to your (fundraising) cause. The tips above should help you understand where and how to start the conversation with the developer. 

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