What Is The Target Market For Squishmallows?

Kelly Toy Holdings, Inc. introduced their Squishmallows line of cuddly toys in 2017. Squishmallows are spherical plush buddies available in several shapes, heights, patterns, and pet designs. Based on the scale, the plushies' filling may be used as pillows or sleeping pads thanks to their extreme softness and squishiness. On the other hand, Squishmallows' filling and extraneous material have made them a favorite stim and wiggle item.

As more Squishmallows appear every month, collectors never run out of fresh stuffed animals to buy. Since the brand's inception, more than a thousand Squishmallows avatars have been developed, each with their own identity, amusing life history, and unique unicorn, bunny, fox, dinosaur, chick, and dog Squishmallow name.

Most people don't store their Squishmallows away in a box; instead, they keep them out on their nightstand to snuggle with when they go to sleep. Because of the amount of calmness and comfort they're able to provide, it is safe to say that there's no chance that Squished marshmallows will disappear any time soon.

But for whom were these cute little bed huggers initially made for? And why are adults raving over these stuffed animals? How are they any different from the usual plush toys we used to have as children? It's time to consider the factors that contributed to their long-standing success.

Squishmallows: A friend to whom?

"Lovable pals created from extremely comfortable, marshmallow-like material and cotton," was how the Squishmallows were advertised. Squishmallows have been a phenomenon in the toy industry since then.

While they were designed with kids in mind, many teens and young adults have grown captivated by them. It's become nearly impossible to track down a package of Squishmallows because of how widely they've been publicized, to the point where people of all ages have made it their duty to "search" for them.

Squishmallows: An aid for healing?

It's absurd to try to explain Squishmallows' meteoric rise to fame without addressing the toy's purported psychological benefits.

Collectors and casual users have praised the items for aiding in trauma healing and delivering pleasant tactile pleasures. Each plushie has a narrative card that describes its name, hobbies, and other characteristics, which may account for the observed effects. 

By reading the plushie's history note, customers may get a sense of the toy's character and develop an emotional connection to it, making it easier for them to find comfort despite the item's being inanimate.

Squishmallows: Where to find them?

The best part for those who want to partake in the Squishmallow craze is that they can be purchased just about everywhere, from megastores to mom-and-pop shops. Several websites sell squishy marshmallows nowadays. 

Even if you may get squishy marshmallows in an online store, you should only buy the ones that are "packed and offered by Amazon" to avoid getting a fake. Other stores may restrict where you may purchase Squishmallows, making them a shop exclusive.

It isn't simple to find the most well-known Squishmallows, and you may need to resort to using other resources to do so. In such cases, keep an eye out for counterfeits. To improve the likelihood that you are purchasing a legitimate item, it is recommended that you search for products that still have their original tags attached and resemble those shown on the internet.

While some may see the unexpected meteoric rise of Squishmallows as juvenile, obnoxious, fanatical, or even worthless, it is apparent that many people like and appreciate the line of plush and stuffed animals.

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