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What is powder coating for aluminium profiles?

The powder coating process involves electrostatic spraying of a thermosetting powder on aluminium.   When the powder cures, it flows to give your aluminium profile an aesthetically appealing and long-lasting finish. The powdery particles burn and bond with the aluminium to form a hard coating.

The powder coating process


The powder coating method is identical to liquid spraying, but the pigment is a dried powder. The powdered pigment, which is ionically blasted onto the aluminum extrusion, comprises coarsely ground color and adhesive particles.

 Because the powder is electrostatically charged, it adheres to the substrate. Upon the heating process inside a curing chamber, the powder oozes and dries. Consequently, your unique profile will have a long-lasting, homogeneous, and appealing finish.

Benefits of powder coating aluminium surfaces


Besides strengthening aluminium structures and making versatile finishes, other benefits of powder coating include the following;


Powder coatings are available in natural and inorganic colours spanning from the deep palette, blacks, or beiges to brilliant red, bright yellow, turquoise, and greenish. They are available in a plethora of diverse colours, providing you maximum control over the presentation of your products.


Dependent on the intended finish, you may powder coat the extruded aluminium with various textures. Also, texture variations help conceal surface defects while improving the overall look of metal.

The following are some examples of common powder coat layers:

Sand: A sand layer provides materials with a gritty look and increases friction.

Wrinkle: These surfaces resemble sand yet have a firmer, coarser texture for enhanced grip.

Hammered: A pounded texture is similar to the golf balls and orange peel, except it has tiny, glossy ridges for added durability.



With the help of powder coating machines & tools, powder coats on aluminum surfaces have various gloss variants and may also provide a silky and satin sheen appeal:

Matte: The most prevalent flat gloss variety, with minimal sheen.

Satin: This finish is brighter than matte, yet it lacks a reflecting surface.

Medium: shines significantly brighter than satin while exhibiting less drag force.

Full: Lastly, this is the glossiest finish kind, with a bright, highly reflected look.

Assured longevity and performance

Powder coating technologies have progressed substantially over the past few decades, making this coating more robust and reliable. Powder coats may be developed to match the quality standards for extruded aluminium by the AAMA code  2604 or 2605. As such, they are excellent for architectural applications.

Powder coatings adhere effectively to aluminium due to their thickness, avoiding peeling and flaking. Because of its strong structure and alkalinity resilience, this covering is suitable in traffic-frequented areas. 

The aluminium powder coating is almost green.

Unlike liquid paints, this product has no volatile organic additives or inorganic solvents, making it environmentally safe. Again powder requires only one coat. Thus, more cost-effective than wet paint. You may collect and recycle powder coats after applying them to reduce waste.

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