WordPress IDX Plugins; To Get Or Not To Get for Your Business?

Is Investing In WordPress IDX Plugin A Good Idea? I'm sure this question has crossed your mind, especially if you are a member of the fast-paced and competitive real estate world. To understand the importance and contribution of the WordPress IDX plugins, you need to realize what exactly it is. 

What Is WordPress IDX Plugin?

Real estate agents and brokerages add software plugins to their websites to keep their listings updated by automatically displaying revised listings from their MLS using the IDX (Internet Data Exchange) protocol. This software plugin is called a WordPress IDX. More precisely, IDX comprises the bundle of rules, licenses, and technologies that enable real estate agents to utilize MLS listings incorporate them on their websites for public display, thereby boosting their work. With the addition of IDX to WordPress, a person can create a website for property search and expand business by drawing potential clients. Many professionals need customized software services as e.g. provided by Finoit.

Reasons for investing in WordPress IDX Plugin

Although there are hundreds of options available for real estate agents and brokers to help further their business, the most obvious plan is to take avail of WordPress.


WordPress has immense potential to expand with your business no matter how small your start is. After the initial setup, your WordPress website can develop with your business. This software can evolve with your work needs, so you have no fear of outgrowing your site. Hence many people refer to it as the final business website you will ever require.


By using the myriad of theme options available on WordPress, you have the potential to establish the foundation of the best real estate website, which exudes an aura of professionalism and sophistication. Currently, there are 3,815 theme selections available in the WordPress repository, which you can operate without having to pay. Additionally, there are also Premium theme designs that are attainable. These include Agent Evolution, StudioPress, Elegant Themes, and Theme Forest. You can incorporate these designs to upgrade your work to a unique level.


While those mentioned earlier are the benefits of using WordPress in general, plugins are small apps that can enable you to accomplish many wonderful things. You can easily integrate a select plugin into your site to satisfy a functionality need. The WordPress Repository currently has 43,768 plugins.

You can also avail many premium plugin developers for use, such as Code Canyon, iThemes, and WPMU DEV.

What are the best IDX plugins for real estate agents?

IDX Broker

This is one of the most widely operated IDX services in the US and has been a reliable source for many people. Initially, some people were not favorably inclined towards this plugin. However, the latest version they released to the public, called IDX Broker Platinum, has appealed to the needs of many users.

Experts have invested a lot of time and energy in the new release correcting any faults to make it work smoother. The new page templates they have provided are a complete Mobile-First Responsive design. Hence you don't have to worry about switching to a mobile-suitable version. The new plugin has unique styling, is suited for mobiles, and merges more efficiently into your WordPress Website.

IHome Finder

For several years iHome Finder had the lead in IDX with one of the best functionality. However, their interface started to look a little primitive, so they addressed the issue and introduced a WordPress Plugin that is easy to install and set up. Moreover, it has a clean and attractive design which attracts people who prefer simplicity and elegance. It is also highly responsive and mobile-friendly to enable users to operate it on their phones. This plugin offers all the elements you would expect, such as Widgets, searches, lead capture, back-end management, and communities pages. 

Showcase IDX

This is ideal for those searching for an IDX with an attractive outlook and multiple Lead Management features. Showcase IDX is simple and easy to handle. Experts have designed it to look pretty without the irritation of setting it up.

They provide the fastest refresh rate, which is a 10-Minute MLS. They also allow you to access multiple MLS feeds at no extra cost. Additionally, this is a mobile-friendly plugin having a precise design, with a map search feature, email alerts, and a lead management dashboard obtainable from your WordPress website.


If you wish to acquire the forefront in this competitive real estate world by developing attractive property pages to enthrall potential viewers, then investing in a WordPress Plugin is an excellent option for you to achieve this goal. By doing so, you will also be able to grab leads and transmit their social data directly to your CRN while making your follow-up emails automatic to correspond with what your visitors were looking for.

Additionally, investing in a WordPress IDX Plugin will make your website more competitive in the results on google that appear whenever people search for something. You can attain all this success by doing something as uncomplicated as incorporating a plugin into your existing WordPress website. Thus considering the myriad of advantages it offers, WordPress is undoubtedly worth investing in for your business to prosper.

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