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Imagine being able to order your food and drinks as you are approaching a venue, not waiting in lines to order, pay and have your order prepared. Everything is just there ready for you to collect. Ordering from your seat and not having to try and get a server’s attention or leave people and stand at a bar waiting while you miss that vital business discussion, joke or sporting moment! You don’t even have to wait for the bill when you’re finished. What’s more, you do not have to handle money, touch card machines or ATM’s, you don’t have to queue and/or stand in confined spaces waiting for your order to be prepared (all mitigating the risk of spreading disease). Not only do you save time and stay safe, but you also earn rewards and cashback.
You can do all this from a free, user-friendly app that allows you to pre-order from your favourite places.
Pre-order > Save Time > Earn Rewards 

What Zapaygo has:
  • Great contract with MSL Solutions to ensure millions of users are quickly onboarded, integrated into over 60% of the UK’s high profile Sports and Concert venues EPOS systems.
  • MVP ready to go.
  • Routes to tens of thousands of bars and pubs via senior teams contacts
  • Partnerships (signed or teed up) with Monek / Datam / Rimilia / Paycasso / Interactions / Rapyd / Global Reach / Push Technology / PayPal /Amex / Birmingham 2020 / VODXS/ Dubai World Expo 2021 / Tata Consultancy services blockchain rewards program / Rypplzz
  • Endless launch opportunities in the UK due to team contacts (too many to mention).
  • A perfect storm business opportunity now due to COVID-19, businesses need to reopen.
  • Great team with all the contacts and experience needed.
  • Zapaygo also has its own delivery software ready to roll out,
  • Lots of lessons learned and heavy lifting completed
  • See how it works 
  • There is also an IEO starting at 09:00 local time in Singapore on Sunday 17th May please visit to sign up ready.

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