Comoros Forex License. New Opportunities for Startups

In the Comoros Islands, there are no specific rules or laws regulating Forex trading. However, the absence of established standards does not mean that local legislation can be disregarded or that one can operate without official permission. Even in the most investor-friendly offshore jurisdictions, it is necessary to register a legal entity. The international company SBSB Fintech Lawyers assists in obtaining a Comoros Forex license to enter local and global markets. The firm specializes in supporting crypto, gambling, fintech, and forex projects, making registration an efficient process by handling all registration matters for clients.



Comoros Forex License as Alternative to Costly Solutions

Legal brokerage activities start with obtaining a Forex license in Comoros - or another jurisdiction. A licensed business instills trust in partners and clients, demonstrating transparent operations and compliance with legal norms. Special permits for forex or brokerage activities can be obtained in both offshore and onshore jurisdictions. 


Onshore jurisdictions include the UK, USA, Australia, Switzerland, Malta, Cyprus, Singapore, and other countries. They are considered reputable, adhere to international agreements to avoid double taxation, and have strict regulatory requirements for registering brokerage activities. However, the good reputation of the jurisdiction, transparent market regulation, and other advantages may not be compelling reasons for all companies to choose these countries. Onshore licenses are difficult to obtain due to the extensive documentation required. Licensing takes too much time, and high capital requirements may deter some entrepreneurs.


Therefore, offshore jurisdictions like Vanuatu, Seychelles, and Curacao are in demand. The Comoros Islands attract novice traders with several advantages:

  • flexible registration conditions;
  • favorable tax regime;
  • high level of confidentiality of information about owners and shareholders;
  • ability to enter the market with minimal investments;
  • broad functionality of the license, allowing trading in stocks, fiat money, cryptocurrency, and futures.


Applicants must go through several stages to obtain a Comoros Forex license. After registering a legal entity, they need to prepare a package of documents, pay government fees, and develop AML, KYC, and CFT policies. The final step is the verification of the company's CEO.



Best Solution for Novice Traders

The licensing procedure in Comoros may seem straightforward, but there are potential pitfalls in preparing the documents. SBSB Fintech Lawyers recommends addressing specialists. The company's service package includes comprehensive support during the process of obtaining a Comoros Forex license and after the licensing is completed.


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