New premium cryptocurrency wallet app

In the context of rapid blockchain development and cryptocurrencies becoming more and more popular, dynamic exchanges with buying-selling, profitable investment, a crypto wallet is an indispensable means to have for virtual currency players. There are hundreds of thousands of digital wallets, making the choice for investors difficult. The following article will take a look at a new crypto app - Touchwallet and find out why it is speedily gaining popularity among cryptocurrency holders around the world. Scroll down for more details.

What is the Touch Wallet?

In the virtual currency world, a digital wallet is often used as a solution to store crypto money in the form of fiat money or coins. Essentially, TouchWallet is an application with such functionality but integrated with many other advanced features for the comprehensive use needs of digital currency traders.

In terms of nature, TouchWallet is a hot wallet, used based on an internet connection instead of being isolated by an external device (cold wallet). The ordinary hot wallet is considered to be more flexible than the other type, but there is a lot of potentials for hackers to attack, and steal data and assets. However, with TouchWallet software, you can rest assured that your digital assets are not going anywhere, but are even profitable thanks to excellent anonymity technology and various other features. If you are looking for a secure, easy-to-use, and flexible solution in cryptocurrency transactions, this is the perfect choice for you.

The outstanding feature set of the Touchwallet blockchain wallet app

Users after downloading and registering this application will be provided with an account immediately. Users can start trading with hundreds of market-capitalized cryptocurrencies on more than 20 exchanges integrated with a single account. Advanced linear algorithms ensure the user is anonymous and untraceable regardless of where he transfers or receives funds.

Perform basic transactions: top-up, receive, and send crypto securely

The TouchWallet multi-currency wallet gives users access to popular currencies, multiple altcoins, and ETH tokens. Basic assets include ETH, USTD, BTC, LTC, BNB, and DOGE. Each of these assets is contained in a separate mini-wallet available. You don't have to divide and categorize your assets and can easily switch between the sub-wallets right on one screen.

All transactions related to your assets will be made in the sub-wallet interface of the currency of your choice.

When choosing the coin wallet of your desired currency you want to add, receive, or send crypto to other traders, the system will generate a complex code. This decentralized key mixes a variety of characters and numbers that are nearly impossible to guess. It is unique, and for one-time use only. As soon as the transaction is made, the code will be disabled, and the information of the sender, recipient, and the entire transaction will be untraceable. This means that the information of the transaction and the participants are protected to the highest degree from leakage or theft for other purposes.

However, it is also important to note that the high-security factor does not allow you to make mistakes. Once the transaction information is sent to the blockchain system, it cannot be retrieved or even changed. So, make sure the wallet that takes the crypto is the asset you are looking to trade.

Withdraw cryptocurrency with the support of Mixer's premium technology

All digital wallets have minimum and maximum withdrawal limits. On the interface to disclaim each currency, you will easily find this information right below the input box for the amount you want to withdraw.

USD is the default display for your assets, according to the exchange rate of the Binance exchange. You can convert the format to any other currency in the world with optional settings. A commission fee will be charged in the currency of the transaction and calculated based on the established tariffs for the specified amount and time of withdrawal. The receiving wallet specified for withdrawal must be address of the corresponding transaction currency.

Here, Mixer technology is an advanced and unique feature that will divide your funds into small parts, mix in similar portions of other customers, and send to the destination account with the corresponding total. This is one of the most impressive features of Touchwallet that any crypto trader will love because of the absolute anonymity it provides.

Easy and profitable crypto exchange thanks to centralized quotes from multiple platforms

Providing each electronic exchange has its own rate while the price of cryptocurrencies is subjected by the minute, setting up different accounts and monitoring quotes on different electronic exchanges is too overwhelming. Far superior to other applications, Touchwallet integrates right on the users' crypto wallets with more than 20 different exchanges and centrally synchronizes quotes. This means that when you choose an exchange to trade with, no need to ask for a quote from another intermediary or calculate it yourself, the amount you enter in USD will be automatically converted into the required load of digital tokens for your partners.

You can also enjoy a quick profit by keeping your assets in fiat or stablecoins, converting them to other currencies of higher value. This is really beneficial, fast, and completely free to convert.

Increase wealth with Mining and PreICO

Cryptocurrency mining on TouchWallet is fully resourced allowing coin holders to increase their wealth significantly with just a time investment.

Using the preICO feature, active traders can buy tokens from new projects by startups or reputable ICOs before they are publicly sold on open exchanges. Most of the tokens of these projects have an upward trend in the future promising significant or even multiplier returns on the investment.


Although new to the market, the benefits of the Etherium-based cryptocurrency app TouchWallet features are undeniable. High-end algorithms installed and coordinated on one single working platform that present users with a multi-use crypto wallet application with a truly optimal level of security, and a smooth and easy interface for any digital currency activities. In particular, not to mention the absolute anonymity, which is rare for any active software to own thanks to Mixer technology and the ability to anticipate and capture tokens that are beneficial for preICO investment.

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