How To Choose The Best Chartered Financial Analyst Certification Online Course

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The number of prep providers is increasing, making it harder to choose between the right program. But considering the CFA exam pass rate averages between 36% to 50% each year, you’re going to need an exceptional CFA Program prep course to help you ace the exam.

How to Choose the BEST CFA Exam Prep Course

It’s really important to be fully prepared for the exam. Otherwise, you may miss out on getting your certified financial analyst certification. Here’s how to choose a course that’s best for you.

Ask your Friends and Colleagues 

Do you know someone in your friend circle that’s taken the CFA exam or a colleague that’s passed the test? Ask them for recommendations! If you know accountants that have used a CFA prep course successfully, there’s a good chance you’ll get something out of it, as well.

Research the Course’s History

Some prep course providers have been producing prep exams for years, whereas others have made a name for themselves in the past decade. Experience is essential, but that doesn’t mean the organization can boast a high pass rate. That’s because the content can change each year.

A great course provider will keep up with the current CFA course curriculum and subsequent weight changes because this information will inform you where to place your study focus. They should have a full understanding of the CFA institute study and examination process.

Examine the Study Materials

Inefficient study materials and practices are the source of candidate failure and a significant amount of student stress. Studies show that reading and note-taking aren’t as effective as visual learning and mock exams. Your course should incorporate scientifically-backed study practices.

Check the CFA Mock Exams

Mock exams provide students with something called “interleaved learning,” which means it tests you on all areas of the curriculum. This is shown to aid retention because it exposes you to exam format question practice. Research if the CFA course has high-quality practice exams.

Read the Practice Questions

Besides visual learning and mock exams, practice questions are one of the most effective study techniques. Your course provider should include hundreds of mock exam questions that seek to help you understand the actual test. Look for courses that let you customize your tests.

Ask if the Authors are Certified

When signing up for any course, you need to examine the people who create them. The course creators should hold the CFA designation because it proves that they’ve sat in for the exam and know what it takes to pass. Never purchase a prep course from an unlicensed course creator.

Look for Speed to Market

While you should begin studying ASAP, most CFA participants still fail even when they have enough time to prepare. That’s because their prep course didn’t streamline the process. It’s vital to find a course that has the material ready after the previous year's exam results are out.

Choose the Right Option

You should find a provider that gives you multiple ways to study. This lets you pick the right learning option for your study type and individual needs. Here are some common options:

  1. Live Online Course Training: Includes a live online class led by a CFA charter holder.

  2. OnDemand Prep Course: Taken on demand, letting you learn at your own pace.

  3. QBank Study Materials: A separate question bank that can supplement a course.

If you have limited free time, choose on-demand, but if you work better with an instructor and a deadline, choose online course training. QBanks can be used by any student at any time.

Number of CFA Candidates

If a course is popular and well-rated, there’s a good chance it’s high-quality. Most providers will show possible CFA candidates the number of people who sign up each year, so this information is readily available. Keep in mind that popular courses are also more trustworthy.