What is the most profitable betting in South Africa?


The first thing you should learn is that sports betting is a form of entertainment that requires payment. When you dive into the world of betting, you need to be prepared for the fact that there will be "ups and downs," i.e. both wins and losses. The latter is likely to be much more numerous than the former. It is important to treat defeats as a payment for one of the entertainment.

Is it possible to turn entertainment into a way to earn money on a regular basis - of course, if you approach the betting process correctly. For example, arbitrage bets on football bring high profits, you can learn more at However, today it is much harder to catch such bets than 10 years ago, as bookmakers closely monitor their appearance. There are other methods of achieving stable profits that turn entertainment into a full-time job that requires a lot of time.

Win-win strategy for sports betting in SA

Win-winless sports betting is a bet in which the outcome of the event is not important for profit. Such a situation is called a fork.

A player makes a bet on two or more outcomes so that he will make a profit in any case.

For example, in a tennis match, equal opponents meet. All You Need To Know About Tennis. For many years, such duels included meetings between Nadal and Federer. For such players, you could most often find inflated odds.

Let us imagine that one office gave odds of 2.10 for Nadal's victory and 2.08 for Federer's win.

We place two bets of 1000 $ each on the opposite outcomes. One of them will definitely win, let's say the first one:

  • Payout on the first bet - 2100 $, profit - 1100 $;
  • Loss of the second bet - 1000 $;
  • Net profit on the fork - 100 $.

There are special programs for finding such arbitrage situations, there are online resources. It is possible to bet on the opposite outcome more than ten times every day.

But the use of fork bets in bookmakers' offices will not bring a stable profit at a distance and can even lead to losses.

Bookmakers calculate the forked bettors and apply different sanctions:

  • limit the size of the maximum bets;
  • block their accounts;
  • Annul the executed bets.
  • In the end, spending time and resources to make money on forks rarely pays off.

Such a theoretically win-win betting strategy can fail in the following situation:

You bet in different BKs on opposite outcomes. On a winning bet, the bookmaker can make a return on the basis of an error in the odds. Then the sum from one betting company will come back, but in the other one, you will lose money.

Are the betting odds different for different sports?

Bookmakers work in roughly the same way with different sports. However, each sports discipline has its own nuances and peculiarities, which is important to take into account when betting. For example, in runet soccer is the most popular, so the vast majority of bettors consider it the best sport for betting. Bookmakers take this factor into account and try to offer the maximum variety of opportunities for the game. In the soccer betting list you can find bets of almost all kinds and types. Therefore, when thinking about what sport to make money on, many players often give preference to soccer.

In principle, this is a sensible decision. From the point of view of the fact that there is a lot of information about soccer that can be analyzed and used to develop their own effective betting strategy. In particular, it is xG statistics, which we prepare for you and make freely available. If you want to become a professional successful bettor, be sure to use its data - it will help you find undervalued or conversely overvalued events and make the most profitable bets.

The catch-up betting strategy: myths and reality


Back in the 19th century, casino players invented numerous financial systems leading to sure profits.

Such schemes work on the principle of the add-on: you need to increase each successive bet so that the winnings covered all previous losses and brought profits.

Dogon is based on a simple axiom of probability theory: if two opposite events occur with equal odds, each of them will certainly occur in a series of repetitions.

For example, with roulette you can always bet on red, and it will come out one day. In casinos, however, you will not be allowed to do so and will simply be asked to stand up from the table.

In a bookmaker's office, a catch-up strategy is theoretically suitable for betting on soccer, tennis, basketball and other sports.

For example, in the English Premier League season 2019/2020, West Ham performed worse than experts expected. Therefore, the odds on its wins were almost always higher than 2.00.

Let's form a series of catch-up:

  • Let's bet 1,000 $ on West Ham's win against Manchester City on February 19, 2020 at odds of 18.00 - loss;
  • 2,000 on the victory over Liverpool on February 24, 2020 at odds of 16.00 - loss;
  • 4,000 to beat Southampton on February 29 at odds of 2.50 - win. The match ended 3-1 in favor of West Ham.

Let's calculate the profit:

  • 3,000 $ were lost in the first two bets;
  • payment on the winning bet - 10 000 $, profit - 6000 $;
  • 6000 - 3000 = 3000 $ - profit on the series of catch-up bets.

But it's only, in theory, all so simple. In reality, a losing betting series can drag on for a long time, while multiple increases in the bet amount will quickly lead to the drain of the game bank.

In addition, bookmakers limit or even block the accounts of players suspected of using go-go betting. Therefore, such sports betting strategies will not bring the desired result in reality.

How not to lose money through betting in bookmakers SA

The main goal of many players is to find a strategy with minimal risk. The goal of such a strategy is to avoid large losses.

The following four rules protect you from losing an amount that will bring your gambling bank to zero:

  • It is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of the sport, tournament, event on which the bet is made;
  • It is important to stick to a remote betting system. For example, if you play by the strategy of betting on soccer against favorites, follow it even with a series of failures;
  • Be sure to choose the principle of financial management - a flat, the Kelly criterion, a fixed percentage of the bank, or any other strategy, which insures against losing large sums;

Remove the emotional component as much as possible - gambling often leads to the loss of large sums of money.
Win-win strategy betting on sports can only exist in theory, as a mathematical model. In reality, you need to follow simple, but important rules to avoid large losses.