Why virtual hosting is a good solution for small websites

From the very beginning of its existence, virtual hosting, also known as web hosting, was created to host multiple domain names (with each name handled separately) on a single server (or pool of servers) from a hosting solutions provider.

With the invention of cloud computing, shared hosting is being used for broader purposes than ever, such as shared hosting of applications, servers, storage, and sometimes even entire data centers.

Virtual hosting is like one big pizza - each user gets their piece of the server with all the relevant stuffing: databases, monthly traffic, disk space, email accounts, FTP accounts, and other elements your hosting provider delivers.

Virtual hosting websites are indeed the most cost-effective solution since all costs are shared between everyone who wants to eat their tidbit.


What is virtual hosting?

The most suitable solution for projects that need hosting, as they say, ot for all the money in the world, is shared hosting. It is not only economical but also convenient for beginners.

Virtual hostings are hosted by several on a powerful physical server and share their resources according to the prepaid tariff package of each. All work on hosting maintenance falls on the provider, and tenants can only build and fill their sites.

Hostings use one hard drive, one RAM, and one operating system. This can be compared to multiple user sessions running simultaneously on the same computer. Therefore, choosing a hosting for a site of this type means that it cannot be reloaded separately from its neighbors, and you will not have root rights. But owners of small projects that have just started working often do not need them: self-administration gives more freedom but also creates a lot of inconvenience for a beginner.

Most popular engines work on virtual hosting, suitable for blogs, online stores, and forums. You can use a website builder or build a website using a machine and ready-made themes without spending too much time.

It is possible to select a virtual hosting for your needs. To do this, you need to know how much the project will approximately weigh, what the traffic will be, how powerful the processor is needed, and focus on suitable offers, choosing the budget.


Benefits of shared hosting

What is so good about this virtual hosting? Let's take a look at its features

  • It's significantly cheaper.

Virtual website hosting provides the most cost-effective hosting solution. Since several people contribute to the cost of the server at once, it turns out much cheaper. Let's return to our allegory about pizza. If you want only some of the thing but just a piece, then splitting the bill with someone else is more profitable than paying the total price yourself. Hostpro's essential shared website hosting plans start at $4.95/mo.

  • Flexible solution.

New online projects can start with regular shared hosting and easily upgrade to more severe hosting plans as they grow.

  • It can be easily operated by yourself.

Shared hosting is simple to set up. Many providers offer a panel to manage your site. This simplified interface helps with administrative tasks related to server management and monitoring.

  • Multiple domains in one place.

You can install multiple websites in a directory. An example would be one person with different domains for a personal site, a hobby blog, and a business site. Shared hosting is perfect for this.

  • Professionals take over.

If you need the technical details, the necessary skills, or the desire to handle administrative server tasks, entrust all the worries to your hosting specialists. You can always count on specialized professional help for hardware upgrades and maintenance, software updates, DDoS protection, network outages, and more.

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