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10th Independent Sponsors Summit

10th Independent Sponsors Summit organized by iGlobal Forum


2020 has been a significant year on an international scale, and the events of the last 12 months have had monumental impacts on the US economy. In the wake of the pandemic, the presidential election, and with the promise of a vaccine on the horizon, the market is preparing for a surge in activity come the new year. Private equity firms are sitting on huge amounts of dry powder and are looking to reignite their investment strategies for 2021. As a result of this, it is important now more than ever for independent sponsors to fine tune their deal sourcing techniques and to form strong, lasting relationships with capital providers. Make plans to attend our 10th Independent Sponsors Summit for the exclusive opportunity to virtually connect with independent sponsors and capital providers, and to conduct your business from wherever you are. This forum is the only one of its kind that facilitates hand-selected, 1x1 meetings, and invites you to join a community of leading industry professionals and decision-makers with the united goal of sourcing and closing on deals.


Costs: From $280

Event type: Corporate events

Registration information: https://hubs.li/H0CKgVb0

Event website: https://hubs.li/H0CKg2t0

Posted by: Aimee Moore


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