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2nd Annual Submarine Power Cable and Interconnection Forum

2nd Annual Submarine Power Cable and Interconnection Forum organized by Leadvent Group

Berlin, Germany

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The submarine cable market continues to make noticeable headway and will continue to expand extensively in the future. Submarine cable interestingly plays an irreplaceable part in the global energy interconnection of clean energy bases, developments in the offshore wind sector, and the load power system centers across the consequently,  submarine cable have an outstanding impact on the economic growth of clean energy interconnection. The development of submarine cable technology will not only bring solutions to the transmission of large capacities to distant locations but also reduce the cost of electricity transmission across the sea. 

The 2nd Annual Submarine Power Cable and Interconnection Forum conference will focus on the world-class from across the globe to discuss and bring groundbreaking solutions to the critical problems ranging from submarine power cable fault, cable installation, and interconnection, and power cable design and technology. It will introduce vanguard leaders, practitioners, and experts from across the subsea sector to discuss how to eradicate the significant challenges faced continuously in the subsea community. The forum is preparing to provide attendees with innovative tools and techniques that have been developed as a result of the growing demand for subsea power cables and interconnection. It will serve as a medium for networking among industry players; senior managers, decision-makers, practitioners, and representatives from the subsea community and exchange experience to successfully master submarine power cable & interconnection processes.

Join us as we connect with these experts, practitioners, stakeholders, and leaders from across the globe to garner ever-evolving knowledge on opportunities, the pros and cons, and also the future of the Subsea community. The role and relevance of submarine cables in the global energy interconnection will be thoroughly explored.   

To register or learn more about the Forum please check here: https://www.leadventgrp.com/events/2nd-annual-submarine-power-cable-and-interconnection-forum/details

To request the agenda please send the request to Leadvent Group via email.

For more information and group participation, contact us: info@leadventgrp.com

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Event website: https://www.leadventgrp.com/events/2nd-annual-submarine-power-cable-and-interconnection-forum/details

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