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3rd_Annual_World_Biopolymers&Bioplastics_Innovation_Forum organized by Leadvent Group

Berlin, Germany

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Biopolymers are organic polymers synthesized by living organisms cells. They are composed of interconnected monomeric units, forming larger molecular structures. Among these biopolymers are bioplastics, encompassing a wide range of plastic formulations, from traditional compositions to cutting-edge innovations. Many bioplastics exhibit comparable or superior performance to their conventional counterparts. Its important to note that bioplastics are a subset of biopolymers, meaning that all bioplastics are biopolymers, but not all biopolymers are bioplastics. While the term Bioplastics is commonly used in discussions about sustainable plastics, its meaning may vary. Typically, it refers to plastics with one or more of the following characteristics: sourced from plants or animals, biodegradable, or compostable.

This conference aims to explore diverse approaches in harnessing natural resources for the betterment of our future, offering a promising outlook for generations to come and advancing research in this field. Additionally, it strives to promote the concept of a biobased world on a global scale, fostering sustainable practices and innovations.



Event type: Corporate events

Registration information: https://www.leadventgrp.com/events/3rd-annual-world-biopolymers-and-bioplastics-innovation-forum/details

Event website: https://www.leadventgrp.com/events/3rd-annual-world-biopolymers-and-bioplastics-innovation-forum/details

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