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Advanced Biofuels Forum

Advanced Biofuels Forum organized by Leadvent Group


As part of the drive and elevation towards sustainable and renewable power driven future, the introduction of biofuels to the power and energy industry strikes a higher opportunity to achieve that, and they pose a cheaper and zero carbon emission attribute. Biofuels, playing a role that will benefit the global economy and climate system in the future, are already accounting for almost 10% of the world’s energy and power supply. 

Advanced Biofuels Forum will take you towards the ideology of the generation of fuels, from the first to the second and third, consisting of the biofuels, advanced biofuels and true sustainable materials; which all have the potential to produce a cleaner energy market and industry globally. How are advanced biofuels essential in achieving a zero carbon emission era? How is biofuels a medium to decrease the importation, use and combustion of fossil fuels and diesels? These are questions that will be answered and discussed during the session. The increase in confidence and interest of investors for the future will be determined by the scientific challenges and costs intertwined with the directive of renewable energy. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to know about the topics surrounding the Advanced Biofuel Forum, including the benefits, policy, structure, challenges and drive. Grab this opportunity to network and exchange ideas with intellects who specialize in this special sector and industry.

To register or learn more about the Forum please check here: https://www.leadventgrp.com/event/advanced-biofuels-forum/agenda


For more information and group participation, contact us: info@leadventgrp.com


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Costs: 199 - 899 EUR

Event type: Conferences and congresses

Registration information: https://www.leadventgrp.com/events/advanced-biofuels-forum/details

Event website: https://www.leadventgrp.com/events/advanced-biofuels-forum/details

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