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Budgeting for Production & Operating Costs MasterClass

Budgeting for Production & Operating Costs MasterClass organized by GLC Europe

Join our upcoming Budgeting for Production & Operating Costs MasterClass which will be streamed ONLINE on 30-31 July, 2020 and will be led by Raheen Sacranie, FCA, FCMA, CGMA, CPA, BA, MA, PHD Consultant, Executive Coach & Corporate Instructor This course provides a simplified, yet in-depth, insight into the mechanics of budgeting within manufacturing, production and corporate functions. Each topic is reinforced with real-world case studies. Learning outcomes include: Corporate Strategy and Organizational Planning Process Understanding Budgeting Perspectives Identifying Budgetary Constraints & Resource Limitation Alternative Budgeting Approaches: Zero-based, Incremental, Application of Quantitative Techniques to Cost Estimation and Forecasting Interdependence of master and sub-budgets Construction of Opex and Capex budgets For more information, download the Agenda!


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Event website: https://glceurope.com/budgeting-for-production-and-operating-costs-masterclass-details/?utm_source=smartmoney_match&utm_medium=media_partner&utm_campaign=BPOCMC

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