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2nd Annual Bioprocessing and Biologics Forum

2nd Annual Bioprocessing and Biologics Forum organized by Leadvent Group

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Bioprocessing or biotechnology is used in the production of pharmaceuticals, foods, flavours, fuels, and chemicals with the aid of a biocatalyst such as an enzyme, microorganisms, plant cell, or animal cell in a bioreactor.

Today’s bioprocessing is the base of different emerging industries and technologies, including the production of therapeutic stem cells, gene therapy vectors, and new vaccines. Advances in bioprocessing is a special interest to the industry as it highly shortens the development timeline, improves the final product and increases the productivity of Bio-manufacturing facilities.

In this conference, leaders in biopharmaceutical production investigate the latest technologies and manufacturing strategies for next generation biologics and advanced therapies. It will mainly focus on main challenges within the field, assessing innovative solutions such as continuous bioprocessing, SUTs, data integrity, PAT and the implementation of industry 4.0, all of which aim to increase the efficiency and yield of therapeutic production whilst maintaining high quality standards.

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