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Asset owner (organization) India $1m till $5m More than $1bn
Asset owner (individual) India More than $5m More than $1bn
Investment consultant (organization) Indonesia Less than $10,000 Less than $5m
Asset owner (organization) India Less than $10,000 $5m – 25m
Asset owner (individual) United States $30,000 till $90,000 $250m – 500m
Asset owner (organization) United Kingdom $1m till $5m $5m – 25m
Investment consultant (individual) Turkey Less than $10,000 $5m – 25m
Asset owner & investment consultant (organization) Australia $30,000 till $90,000 $5m – 25m
Asset owner & investment consultant (organization) Switzerland $500,000 till $1m $50m – 100m
Asset owner & investment consultant (organization) $10,000 till $30,000 Less than $5m
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