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ASTUTIA Advisory GmbH

Privately held; Founded in 2019
1 - 5 employees



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Astutia Advisory provides venture capital strategies and services for startups, corporates und investors. With startups, we focus on effective fundraising strategies. Together with the founders we will examine all important aspects such as the status of product development, documentation, key figures, and the pitch. So, you can find the right investors for your start-up. For investors and corporates, we focus on the strategic and financial benefits of VC exposure. Through cooperation, minority shareholdings or M&A, venture capital can open attractive opportunities, especially for investors with a medium-sized company profile. The team of Astutia Advisory combines experienced specialists in the areas of venture capital, alternative investments, and investment management. We support individual venture investments and help build sustainable VC businesses. The basis for cooperation is integrity, trust, and sustainability. With our customized solutions, our clients can focus from the very beginning and use their resources efficiently. The operational advantages usually lead to a substantial cost reduction and a significantly better risk/return profile. As a result, you can achieve your individual goal not only more reliably, but also significantly faster and at lower costs.

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