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Self owned; Founded in 2013
1 - 5 employees



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The Dollar Vigilante's fourth annual Internationalization & Investment Summit will be held February 12th and 13th, 2019, the two days before The World's Premier Liberty Event, Anarchapulco 2019 - Life Unchained, in Acapulco, Mexico. Experts in the fields of money, precious metals, stocks, investing, cryptocurrencies, internationalizing of assets and Permanent Traveler/Prior Taxpayer (PT) life

Investor type

Investment consultant

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Investment interests

Asset class

Commodities/cryptocurrencies, Multi-asset, Private capital, Real estate

Investment vehicle

  • Pooled investments
  • Foundations
  • Investment club
  • Direct investments
  • Segregated/managed accounts
  • Structured products
  • Investment products
  • Leverage products
  • Derivatives (non-structured products)
  • Options
  • Other investment vehicles
  • Miscellaneous

Investment focus

  • Not relevant/no specific focus
  • Not applicable
  • Sustainable Investing
  • Negative Screening (SRI Exclusion Criteria)
  • Impact Investment
  • Medical Research
  • Employment Generation
  • Access to Basic Services
  • Access to Finance
  • Sustainable Consumer Products
  • Green Technology/Cleantech
  • Environmental Markets and Sustainable Real Assets
  • Thematic Investments
  • Strategy (Outcome-Oriented)
  • Risk-Based
  • Return-Based
  • Efficient Portfolios
  • Underlying Company Focus
  • Market Cap Focus
  • Quality Factors
  • Enhanced Indexing
  • Dynamic Indexing

Investment process

  • Not applicable/relevant
  • Not applicable/relevant
  • Active investments
  • Passive investments
  • Synthetic Replication
  • Physical Replication

Considered legal/investment requirements


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Victoria Clements activities: Director of Sponsor Partnershi
Victoria Clements
Director of Sponsor Partnershi